Stopping the Cat Box 



Dreams express something.....I'm not sure what.

 11.30.06 - It is night in my apartment and the roof is leaking.  There is like ten people inside and i move my bed so i don't get wet while I sleep.  

    I have a horse and he is inside.  He bites my hand then starts eating my hair.  I scream for help but no one comes.  

    Then I am holding a baseball bat telling this guy to leave.  He doesn't so I hit him over and over again.  Like in most of my dreams my hits are weak and ineffective. 


12.01.06 -  I am attempting to make a device to either detect HD (high definition) devices or up-convert analog to HD.  After constructing a hand held frame you view through I log on to order some other electronics that could help me.  Then the janitor from the show Scrubs hands me what I've been trying to make.  I thank him and then call Visa to tell them not to accept and charges from ubid.


12.02.06 -  Something about large doorknobs. 


12.03.06 -  I was a field ops from Enemy Territory fighting  in my old neighborhood. 


12.04.06 - First something about hamburgers.  Then a fake college professor that the kids believed when he was sitting on his desk but not in his chair.  Then something about natives in the jungle. 


12.05.06 - Fighting the enemy in the desert on motorcycles with uzis.  Then the boss bad guy and myself fought with 10 foot metal poles.


12.06.06 - I live in a valley town in Mexico under military rule.  The  valley floods so in the confusion myself and others make our escape.  The valley is surrounded by mountains of sand which makes it very hard to climb.  Using two keys as picks I make it to the top of the south mountain where there is a bunker system.  The people inside the bunker speak in half  English and half Spanish and explain to me that this is the Colombian border and even if they wanted to help us they couldn't because it's Columbia.  It's too bad when we got to the bunker I pushed a kid into the small barred window before the Colombians spoke, we never saw the kid again.  The east mountain was impossibly tall to climb so as night fell I went to scout the north side as the others slept.  I found another bunker system this one controlled by the Mexicans.  Since they had robot dogs I figured we would never get through.  When I got back to the rest of the refuges it was morning and they had sent someone to the west in an airplane.  I could see like I was there.  He was flying very fast trying to follow roads and railways until he crashed.  I immediately went to find him.  The west was very interesting.  It had trees and undergrowth you would find in the jungle but it was all very spaced out making travel easy.  I pass an area that had bars and pubs set up in a street scene but with no street and all the buildings were fire damaged.  When I found the lost pilot he was running towards me .  He was being  chased my monkeys  or small pygmy creatures like in The Mummy Returns, it was hard to tell.  We ran from them and soon somehow lost them.  Upon reaching the bar scene we met up with some others.  I'm not sure what the pilot and others did then because I was fooling around with a gorgeous brunette in a tiny black dress.  As night falls we head back to the no longer flooded town and there seems to a giant party going on.  I go in to a shed, much like the one at my parents house, and I grab and M4.  I can't remember who or what I talked to in the shed as I looked for ammo but they were weird.


12.07.06 - A Tiffany's watch and a gay son.  


12.11.06 - The first thing that happened was Squirrel, my roommates cat, tore me up, I was bleeding everywhere.  Then a few friends and myself went on a journey through a humongous housing development near D.C.  At one point my comforter got stuck in a tree but luckily it fell right on top of me just as it was time to sleep.  We then saved this poor guy who was being tortured by this wacko and the neighbors rewarded us by letting us watch movies in an old abandoned theater.  Then leaving my friends I met up with my cousins and continued through the development.  Finally after a few more blocks, pools, and restaurants we found the end of the development. Later I built a giant tower out of colored blocks then ate cheeseburgers. 


12.12.06 -  We drove up and down the highway  stopping at fast food joints and eating. 


12.14.06 - I had to give a ride to someone I didn't know and stay at their house until they were done with whatever they were doing.  Their refrigerator was completely full of pie.  

    Then I worked for a Super Walmart type place.  There was a contest to guess how many sheets of toilet paper there was in this giant stack of rolls.  A young child won and his prize among other things was tobacco chew and wine.  I then went shopping (in the same store).  I had a small round object that i would press again the food and a number would appear on the object.  I wrote the number on the packaging, I believe it was the price.  At this point our boss was making an announcement on why we would be getting a smaller raise then normal.  The explanation was bull shit so we started rioting.  As security moved in I climbed on top of a shelving unit with a co-worker that looked a lot like Renee Zellweger.  We started fooling around then everything disappeared.  I was at a computer with no internet connection suggesting that I was playing Super Walmart the MMO or something.


12.16.06 - All i remember is i was black. 


02.18.07 - My sister was angry with me so she told a cop I had drugs in my car.  Upon searching it all he found was someones passport. 


02.21.07 - I left the back entrance of the mall after finding the arcade closed.  I traveled what seemed to be miles around it hopping fences trying to find the parking lot.  Then Bernie Mac the security guard caught me.  When the head of security got there he teased me by opening and closing a door to the mall saying I'd never get in again.  Against all hope I dashed in and made it.  I ran down the hall passing a poker game then entered a Toys R Us / grocery store.  An employee chased me as I ran to the front but I tripped him up by spilling some easter eggs.  When I got to the front of the store the heavy set manager saw me and called out to another employee to shut the door.  She ran out the doors and held them shut just as I got there.  I woke up breathing heavily. 


02.22.07 - I went to my old high school to meet some friends of mine both still in and out of school.  After catching up a bit and making plans I decided to go to my old dorm and see if i had left any marijuana.  The dorm reminded me of my old apartment.  It was even messier then when I left it and it looked like Craig was still living there there.  The marijuana was  on the floor of the bedroom and had turned black in some areas because it had been left unbagged.  I rubbed it against the carpet to get the black parts off then emptied a bag of model train shrubbery to put it in.  I went to the kitchen and looked in the fridge.  Most noticeably there were six containers of kool aid.  Even though I didn't like the flavors I found a glass to wash.  There was frozen shrimp in the sink and my eye started hurting a bit so i held it closed as I poured water into my glass.  I opened my eye but could not see out of it.  I looked in the mirror and saw my eyelids were open but there was a white film, or "under lid" if you will, over my eye.  I tried to get it open.  Blinking, looking in all directions, shaking my head, tossing the water from my glass on my face.  I kept turning to the sink to fill my glass then back to the mirror to still see the white film.  Then when I turned to the mirror again I saw two people i went to high school with, both had the white eye.  I felt a poke at my back.  Turning I saw five more people from school all with the white eye.


02.23.07 - Two Jamaican djs were staying at my house.  One was all bundled up shivering while the other stripped to his trunks and dove into the icy pool.  Later they were setting up a stage in the house and Donald was on the mic imitating their voices. 


02.26.07 - I was checking myself into a wine addiction clinic.  To get in you had to take an elevator down underground.  After I arrived at the elevator door a lot of people showed up behind me.  When the door opened they pushed past and the elevator operator said no more and went down.  This happened a few more times even though the operator new i was there first.  So getting bored I looked for something to do.  There were doors to the bathrooms in a hall past the elevator but if I went down there I wouldn't see if I had a chance to get on.  So I opened the door to the room next to the elevator and started handing out hair oil, animal masks and powdered wigs to everyone.

    Then me and some friends were living inside some woman.  Bored we decided to get her to eat some pain killers so we could enjoy them.  So I went outside and got here to take a pill.  But I then couldn't figure out how to get back in.

    I then was in a medieval era being attacked by komodo dragons.     


02.27.07 - I was at a yacht club with some extended family.  The tie off for my uncle's really big boat was in the club via an extensive cable system.  We had to move it out to the docks so we took his smaller boat to get there.  Along the way we stopped and talked to an old man with a unicycle named Bumbleplug.

     Some friends and myself were in a real life Counter Strike ice map playing with pots and pans instead of guns.    


03.01.07 - I went to an empty house on a scout camping trip and a summer party with both scouts and some party animals.  Doing dishes I got bits of Brillo pad in my mouth so I stopped and talked with some of the partier about a rager they had the night before with loads of drugs and alcohol.  There was a monkey out back which was thought to be left by the previous owners because there was a dog house out back.  

    Later I was in my room.  There were lots of people talking but their voices didn't match up with their lip movements.

03.04.07 - I was in a three way fight in a super market.  I ended up killing the other two combatants with a chain saw.

03.05.07 - I was shooting home invaders with a Krieg Commando while Eddie Murphy hid in the kitchen.

    Then it rained on my mini Ferrari.


03.08.07 - I ate three egg burritos for breakfast, had three Philly cheese steak wraps for lunch, five fajitas at dinner and had a few turkey wraps through out the day for snacks.


03.16.07 - Throwing grenades at people on a snow covered hill. 


03.24.07 - I was at a horse barn with my family and we boarded a couple helicopters that were big enough for three people but small enough to be rather scary.  We flew down to an island off the southern tip of Florida to visit a cousin.  I fell out of the helicopter and on to a two headed brontosaurus or Loch Ness type creature.  It was the only one of it's kind and existed because of the fountain of youth.  The island was a quite small and connected to the main land by bridge but was nothing like the rest of the state being a rather magical place.  I huge dog attacked me but we soon became friends.  I had to stop my play though so I could help the family make dinner which involved peeling pounds and pounds of shrimp and shredding what had to be at least twenty chickens.

    Next I was driving at night knowing where to drive but not knowing my destination.  Missing my turn I had to make an illegal u-turn to get to a marshy area.  Now out of my car I spent quite a few tries getting through the marsh with out being attacked by alligators.  On the other side I walked through the woods to the campsite.  I was greeted by Mark Reddish, Dan Quinn, Rachelle and a few others.  The camp consisted of  a fire, a few tents and two big green boxes on stands that held cooking supplies.  Mark had a bag of shrooms but didn't share them.  It was my turn to cook so I took some left over onions, peppers and beef and made kabobs. 


03.25.07 - I was a starship trooper and the bugs had come to earth.  My unit was sweeping an area and came upon a pool.  We were told we could break so we all stripped done to our skivvies and took turns sliding into the six inches of water at the bottom. 


03.26.07 - I was hanging outside a Shore Stop with John Saroukos, Fatmaster and a few others.  We were discussing how Dennis worked across the street at the power plant and Fatmaster said his shift sucked.  I said that when they change over to a new source of power they probably wouldn't train the employees they already had, they would just train some Kurdistanians.  Then Mark Reddish came by panting and over all looking horrible.  I asked him if he died could I have his car and he said yes.  I then took a drive down town and went into a convenience store.  I was mad because they had twenty-four ounce Cokes but not Pepsi.

03.27.07 - Some one proposed to someone else.  My friend and I tackled him and held him down while we called someone that could say he was a bad guy and not to marry him.


03.28.07 - I had put a picture of a naked chick on my desktop.  My mom walked in to a tried covering it up with a window but I had just got Vista so you could still see it through the translucent window.  So I kept on piling window after window.


04.02.07 - First something about painting and laundering money.

    Then I was riding a horse down the road yelling at cows to get out of the way.  A cowboy came up to me and said I'd have to turn around because they were stampeding cattle down the road.  So I just side stepped off the road and continued on.  He yelled at me but I ignored him.  It was starting to rain so I took a short cut through the woods to W.B. Simpson my elementary school.  A saw a large group of people so I got off to investigate.  A couple state troopers waved me along.  President Bush was there and I immediately started berating him.  Then someone tried to attack the President which was ended quickly by the one body guard that was there.


04.03.07 - I shaved off all my hair, all of it.


04.09.07 - I was at a friends house in a very rich neighborhood and a two brothers came over from another house.  For some reason we didn't want them there so I threw them out.  They came back so for some time I was throwing them out or into walls so they wouldn't want to come back.  I then apologized and went to their house.  This house was simply massive.  Hole three of the golf course was right in their back yard and there was a guy that stood between the green and the house all day stopping balls from going too far.  I then ate a huge croissant as move people started showing up at the house and at hole three.

    It was then night  and the brothers became sisters.  I was cleaning when their mother came home and she look surprised but not angry.

    I seem to remember some world crisis going on during all of this. 


04.10.07 - I was on a boat at night with Chris, Becky and Riley.

     I was then leaving the beach.  Chris and Becky were in one car, my parents and Kelly were in another and I was in the last.   On the way to route one we past a plaza, my parents went on but Chris and Becky stopped.  I stopped briefly, then no longer in a vehicle I followed the sign for route one which lead me down some stairs.  When I was further down there were no signs but many doors.  I asked for directions from some people but they said they were eating so couldn't tell me.


04.11.07 - I drove to the beach and parked a few blocks away.  I put on some roller blades and headed to the outlets.  All the women looked like they had stepped out of a fashion magazine airbrushed and everything.  I then watched two really fat twin brothers on crutches race down the hall.


04.12.07 - I was taking pictures in Australia. 


04.16.07 - First I was at work taking down the Jack Lewis's and hanging my aunt's work for a show.

    I was then in an assembly hall.  For some reason I got up on stage and whipped the crowd into a frenzy.  I sat down to play the drums  but when I was given music I couldn't read it.

     Next I watched a documentary on the Hezbollah.  Before they were terrorists they were our allies.  We helped them in a war and they provided out apache helicopters with missiles.  

    Then I went to the first day of school.  In my backpack I had books I had stolen from last year.  At the end of the day we all waited for the buses.  Tired of waiting I told a friend we should walk home and not worry about what the principle would do.


04.17.07 - I was part MMO character and part arcade fighter.  I stealthed up to the enemies then unleashed special attacks that built up my power.  I finished them with a massive and flashy combo attack.

    I was then put in a team on a strange scavenger hunt.  I took the lead telling the others what to find and where.  The first room we were in was very dark so we had to dig for the  first objects.  When the room lit from opening doors  I saw a massive snake.  I ask the snake to go check on something.  Saying o.k. the snake slithered away but I knew it was there to watch us.  I whispered to others on my team to watch what they said for the snake could be listening through any of the many vents.  Finding an ax I went to find the next two object, a fox and a monkey.   After killing the animals I met up with the other members of the team in a brightly lit room above ground.  I told them to stay away from the windows so nobody saw us.  As we searched for the last object, a bowel with a small rubber tube in  it.  The snake came out of a tube in the floor and ate someone.  I went to the hole and hovered over it with the ax telling everyone to tear the room apart and find the bowel.  One member, a blond haired woman said we should just leave as we could just get out of the windows.  I was trying to keep the snake back and I snapped at her calling her stupid.  I didn't mean it.  I knew she was smart but in the noise and confusion of the room I couldn't apologize.  The snake backed down the tube as it filled with water and an anchor floated to the top signaling we had won.  I apologized to the person I had called stupid and she accepted.   I became ruler of a large ship or castle and married the blond woman.  I took on a mistress and when my wife found out she was furious.  I placated her with my magic fingers and all was well. 


04.21.07 - Someone gave me a lot of gold then I went to a wedding. 


04.22.07 - I was on a journey and met someone that wasn't happy with the ore deposits on there land since the latest update.  I then chased someone down who was trying to escape justice.  Then a girl put on a fat suit for the bloopers reel.


04.23.07 - I was shot and taken prisoner.  I pretended to be dead for some time.  I eventually got up when mt wound had healed.  Will Smith was a UPS delivery guy.  Then I went with the guy who shot me through the fog in a helicopter.  

    I was walking past Whitney's house.  Her Dad asked me to come in.  Whitney and I had a falling out so I was reluctant but went in.  He showed me something then went up stairs.  I was not sure if I was supposed to stay or go so I hung out by the door.  Whitney's younger sister came down and we hit it off right away.  When Whitney showed up I left.  Walking away through the woods the younger sister caught up with me crying and saying that Whitney told her that she could not even wright me.  I talked sense in to her saying no one could tell her what to do.  She went back to the house and I continued on through the woods coming out into a parking lot.  A client from work was there saying I was still invited to visit when ever I was at the beach.  I lied and said I was up north a lot.

    I was taking a piss and the toilet was over flowing.  I soaked up the spill with some towels, pants and shirts, stuffed them in a bag then took them to be washed.


04.28.07 - I preformed cunnilingus.

04.30.07 - I was a cop on a case of murdered college girls.  My partner was calling the cell phone of the last missing girl.  It was coming from one of the dorm rooms but i could not figure out which one.

05.04.07 - Our refrigerator was leaking so Craig and I cleaned it out.  Taking trash outside we looked at the place next door.  Craig said when I moved out he and Beka were gonna move in there.  I walked down the hill towards the mini mart.  The festival police were every where when I walked in.  I went to the back and set down some pirated dvds for the owner and looked around for something to buy so I did not suspicious.  A chick asked me why there were only two pieces of candy in a pack that looked like it was for four but I did not know. 

05.07.07 - I was selling marijuana and ecstasy at a party in someone's front yard.  I met this chick and we hit it off immediately.  We danced and flirted for awhile until she suggested we get away from everyone.  She headed over while I ask my friend Josh for a condom.  Craig and Beka lived next door and were getting their stuff out of a section upstairs that was being sealed off.  When I got inside there was an old lady being put to bed and a bunch of people from the party had come over with a dog.  I told them they had to go because the old lady was trying to sleep and I needed privacy.  They wouldn't leave so I tried to put the dog on the porch but the screen was missing.  Giving up I went upstairs with the chick.  As we copulated Craig came in a few times moving Warhammer 40K miniatures from the room being sealed off.  Then Beka's dad came in and I decided we had better stop.  

05.08.07 - I was camping with my Uncle Chris and Aunt Becky in their camper.  Someone came along with a 1.5" LCD screen.  I told them it would be cool if it was on a watch.  I kicked the entertainment center so it spun wildly until the TV picked up a channel. 

    Then I was in LOTRO with a family playing with the /music option.  The father went off to war and I made love to his daughter. 


05.09.07 - I went to the store with my sister and her boyfriend.  I  bought an egg roll, some rice and a Sprite.  Rachael's boyfriend took my Sprite so later at their house I held them at gun point.

05.13.07 - I am in the mob and running a poker game with a man named Silvio.  We are talking a movie with a hard core mafioso that in the final fight scene gets tickled and killed.  A woman comes in and I nervously get her coffee.  Silvio tells me to get four in chips but i have no idea if that four thousand or hundred and even if I did what color chips those are. Silvio id mad and the lady finds it amusing but it is not my fault.  No one told me how to do things they just expect me to know.

05.16.07 - I am driving home eating a gyro.  My dad is talking to someone on the front porch as I take my computer chair out of the car.  Inside I locate a draft surrounded by spider webs.  There is a black widow named Howard.

05.21.07 - I was driving along with Dave Stern.  We went off the road into the jungle and found a giant stove carving of a man lying down.  There was a cave in the statue but we did not go in after seeing a large dead spider.  I started slipping down a hill.  Seeing more of the large spiders below me I screamed for Dave's help up.  We then went to a house of a native.  Suddenly the place was infested with poisonous dart frogs.  We killed them by touching them together.  It was then my sister's graduation party and the place was packed with family and friends.  I was naked under a blanket as I drew up sleeping arrangements.   

    I then drove my Aunt Becky and her kids back to their house in a car that was like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  Becky was mad because Christopher had left the back door open. 


05.22.07 - I hid my money in a box in a desk.  Then someone else started hiding their money there too. 


06.02.07 - I was competing in a Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) type competition but at school.  I neared the end but the judge said I hit the water.


06.03.07 - I was driving around downtown and had to stop at a military check point.  I am asked to get out of the car.  I get out and hand my wallet to the guard and he seems like a nice guy.  As he is going through my wallet he starts taking money and paperwork out of it and putting them in his pockets.  He hands back my wallet and says I can go.  I ask for my money back but he says no and starts walking away.  I go after him screaming for his name and rank so I can report him all the while trying to get my coat off because I'm suddenly really hot.  I stop him and read his name , Guatemalar, and count five stripes.  I get back to my car, a blue 1980's Acura, make a u turn and look for another way to go.  As I am driving my phone starts making weird noises so I look down.  It says "This phone is owned by Jose Guatamalar, the king of rock".  I look up and a guard outside a veterans' building is telling me to pull over.  I hit the brakes but they don't work very well.  As I slide to a stop I notice my large uncomfortable coat is back on.  The guard comes up to my window and I explain how Guatamalar stole my money, hacked my phone and even though my car is out of gear, the emergency brake is on and I'm holding down the brake pedal it is still trying to move so Guatamalar is probably controlling it.  The guard says that I will not be arrested but I can be held for seven days under new law to make sure I not an anti Bush person.  I get out of my car and it drives off on it's own.

06.04.07 - I was in a hotel room with four or five other people.  Whitney and myself were on the couch discussing cuddling techniques and the differences between buying theater tickets online and on the phone.  I serial killer tried to get in but we had locked the door.  When he had left we all took my dad's van to the airport because we were leaving soon.  Everyone was unloading expensive tools and throwing them off to the side.  I told them to put them back in so we could ask my dad what to do with them.  Pushing the van back to the hotel I think we ran over a cat or rabbit because I had to console a crying girl.  Nearing the hotel a lot of people starting running and screaming because they saw a ten foot tall Irish Wolfhound.  Trying to get everyone to calm down and ask my dad what to do with his tools, I ended up screaming too.   

06.12.07 - I was being chased by werewolves and tried to hide in a large house.  This dream started over and over again.  Each time the building would be a bit different, someone might be helping me and one time normal dogs were after me.

06.13.07 - I was in a car going to school with my sister Rachael and her friend Danielle.  Rachael was driving and kept going the wrong way getting us lost.  We got out of the car and found a short bus.  The driver said it would take a long time to get there.  I decided we'd take the bus till we recognized something then get off.  We rode the cramped bus for awhile and eventually drove through a farming community.  I recognized it because there was a house that my parents had considered buying in a dream years ago.  I got out and started walking through the woods.  The ground was fairly wet with many puddles here and there.  There were foot long worms or grubs moving at incredible speeds through the water.  Eventually there was more water then dry land and I could go no further.   


06.20.07 - I had a sangria slush at a bar and Norman Todd had the same.


07.06.07 - I got the roll of Glitter in a school play.  I didn't know who he was but I was super excited about the name.  All the drama club students were excited that I would be in the play.  Or they were fake excited and hated me.