A short Intro

Dr. Nina L. Dulabaum - or Dr. Duly as her colleagues nicknamed her upon completion of her doctorate in Berlin, Germany - completed her first B.A. degree at Oberlin College in Oberlin, OH United States. After serving in an overseas community volunteer program, she continued to live in Berlin, Germany earning her M.A. in both Education and Psychology, and later, her Ph.D. degree in Psychology and Education. 

Author of a bestselling handbook on communication/mediation and various peer-reviewed articles
Board Member and Curriculum Specialist – The Customer Experience Institute
Nominated as a Liaison for the International Higher Teaching and Learning Association for three years back in the U.S. 

She is an innovative educator and researcher with a proven international track record of delivering solutions to
enhance educational quality and foster collaboration. Having worked as e.g., an administrator, professor and instructional designer, she is adaptable and highly skilled in diverse settings. Her technical expertise includes online course design with Blackboard, Moodle, D2L, eCollege, and expertise with Sharepoint, Intranet, Success Factors, video and podcast production.

A bit more about her work abroad: Dr. Dulabaum coordinated the National Congress on Rightwing-Extremism among Youth in downtown Leipzig: Rechtsextreme Jugend: Eine Erschuetterung der Gesellschaft? Ursachen, Ausdrucksformen, Praevention und Intervention from March 8 - 10, 2000. (She co-edited the documentation of this congress which is still available in German http://idw-online.de/en/news?print=1&id=34881.) She served as a liaison and established many partnerships including one with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, developing a series of professional training workshops geared for various groups - teachers, social workers, youth workers, administrators. She also designed the city-wide educational program to train professionals in the Art of Mediation & Deescalation and led training institutes and seminars on leadership, mediation, the art of dealing with conflicts effectively, etc. across Germany and in Austria. Dr. Dulabaum was a member of the State Task Force on Violence Prevention in Dresden, a guest professor for the Hochschule (University) of Mittweida/Rosswein and an assistant professor at the State Academy in Saxony; she advised organizations and institutions, mentored students and designed new curricula. 

Back in the U.S., she enjoys teaching, designing curricula, traveling and speaking. Falls Sie in Deutschland leben, arbeiten oder studieren, koennen Sie sich danach erkuendigen. :-) 

Dr. Duly seeks to collaborate with others, who share common goals encompassing a vision for social justice and constructively impacting people's lives around the world through education.