Domenico Savatta, M.D.

Chief Of Minimally Invasive and Robotic Adult Urologic Surgery

Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

       Using minimally invasive robotic technology to cure cancers of the kidney, prostate, and bladder      CONTACT ME

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This website is for the information for my patients and for urologists interested in coming to Newark Beth Israel's training center for robotic training and case observations.

Dr. Savatta finished a 6 year urologic residency at Indiana University.  He has taken the open and laparoscopic cancer training he received and now performs the majority of urologic cancer operations robotically.

Dr. Savatta is part of a group that consists of 9 board certified urologits in West Orange, New Jersey: Associates in Urology.

Dr. Savatta teaches the first urology course in the world on the newest davinci robot- the da vinci S.  Newark Beth Israel purchased a 2nd daVinci S robot that serves as the training robot for their international robotic surgery training center

Newark Beth Israel became the first hospital on the east coast to have a da Vinci S robot and Dr. Savatta performed the first robotic surgery with it on March 13, 2006.  The patient had a prostate that weighed almost 200 grams (30 is normal) and had multiple prior prostate operations.