Married Bio

Danielle and Bryan's wedding

October 13, 2007

Bryan and I met in dental school.  He was a 4th year when I was a first year.  The day we met, we hit it off and the next thing I knew, he was whisking me away to Cabo, Mexico where we fell in love.  We dated for 2.5 years, then he took me on a surprise trip to Key West and proposed to me on the beach!  He is so wonderful!!

***My photographer was Timothy Whaley.  If you use any of my pics, please credit myself and TWA photos. 

Because we fell in love on a tropical vacation (Cabo San Lucas), we got engaged in a tropical place (Key West) and we have taken many tropical vacations in between, we decided to go with a Tropical themed wedding.  The colors are Kiwi green and white with some blue accents.



Our STD's:  We are both dentists, so we did a "dental appointment card" and placed it on a magnet as our STD. 


The invitations:  Letterpress Made by Crooked Spoke Press - they are in NYC and the customer service is FANTASTIC!!!  For anyone looking for phenomenal letterpress, check them out!!!!

I wanted something like pocktfolds b/c I love the organization, but I felt the invitations were too gorgeous to be glued on the back, so I made these "folders" and placed the ribbon across to hold everything in.  I ordered the nameplates from chantalclaire ( 

I ordered customized stamps with our monogram from

Favors:  toothbrushes with our names on them.  We are both dentists, so we felt it was appropriate!  The toothbrushes were attached to a donation card to the American Cancer Society (you will see this in later pics)

Here are the American Cancer Society cards-  They are letterpress cards ordered from Paper Source-in sage green.


RD Invites:  DIY



My shoes!!!  A big splurge-but I loved them so much!


The gifts I got for my BM's:  Pearl necklaces, Pearl earrings (made by Chimonique-she is the BEST!!), their favorite flavor and color lip gloss, reef flip flops (green, of course), and Kate Spade makeup bags-everyone got their favorite color bag,  I am only showing a green one for the pic.  They were put in a personalized gift bag (pic on the right-every girl's name on the bag). 


My gift to my DH:  The pic is not very good, but they are Burberry cufflinks.                                                                His gift to me:  The pearl necklace you will see me wearing!

The OOT bags:  I bought Gift bags from Michaels and filled them with bottled water, chips, gum, and toothbrushes/toothpaste.  I then made little "Thank you" tags that were stapled to the front.  Every guest got one when they checked into the hotel!

Getting ready the morning of the wedding at The Drake Oak Brook!  We were up bright and early!

Makeup done by Sonia Roselli-at first only 5 people were going to get their makeup done, but once all the girls saw how gorgeous the makeup was, they all ended up having Sonia do it!  She is AMAZING!!!  And so cute and funny!!

Hair done by Livia Caporale (she works with Sonia).  Also amazing!  Everyone LOVED their hair!

No makeup yet!!!


My veil-it was my mom's from the 1970's!  It was all lace with beautiful flowers bordering the entire veil.  It was a cathedral type veil-as it was as long as my train!  It was a very special item to me, since I was able to carry a piece of her with me to the ceremony. 


FLORIST:  Bianca DeLaRosa (Waheeda is the owner).  She was truly my FAVORITE vendor of the enitre wedding.  She got to a point where when I had an idea about something, she just read my mind.  Every single flower was exceptional-everyone talked about how beautiful everything looked.  From the church flowers to the pew decorations to the reception centerpieces.  She is AMAZING and I recommend her to everyone! 

~2 of the BM's with their beautiful bouquets!  They were all green cymbidium orchids with green hydrangeas beneath.

My bouquet:  All Green and white cymbidiums with lady slipper orchids. 


                  How cute is my RB????


My ADORABLE RB ready to walk down the aisle!!  My RB pillow was made by the florist and it was made of all green cymbidium orchids.


RB and FG (they are brother and sister).  I love them!  The FG carried Green Dendrobium orchids in her basket

My  beautiful best friends!!! 

My dad and I (and friend who was the DOC) ready to walk down the aisle!

Close up of the church-Grace United Methodist Church in Naperville, IL

Reading the card my future husband wrote.  He also sent me a huge bouquet of flowers while we were getting ready!  He is so sweet


Church details:  at every other pew, we had white hydrangeas with "swiss cheese" leaves and ivy hanging down

This was the arrangement in the front of the church-one on each side.  It was so gorgeous!

Left:  MOH (sister) and cousin (usher) walking down the aisle.  Right:  BM and GM

Here come the FG and RB!!


My daddy walking me down the aisle. 

Bryan watching me walk down the aisle

My dad made me cry at this point.  I thought he wasn't going to cry!!!

The ceremony.  Also a good shot of how great the church looked

We are now husband and wife!!!  WOO HOO!

The awesome aisle runner made by ChiMonique!  Everyone loved it!!

I love this pic with the flowers in between us!

     My wonderful in-laws                         My wonderful family

The wedding party-yes it is huge-9 BM and 9 GM

My girls and I

Getting on the trolley to head to Morton Arboretum for pictures!

The girls just love Bryan!                                        My new hubby and I

Having a blast

I don't know what we are doing in this pic, but I love it!

We all wore our favorite color pashminas.  It was a little chilly!!

The boys felt left out, so they wanted a pashmina picture too

Our green flip-flops

More pics of my husband and I


The detail of the back of the BM dresses.  They were ALvina Valenta (purchased from A'Lamour)  in the color Kiwi

Me doing my signature move...grabbing booties!

These are some of my favorite pics

We headed back in the trolley to The Drake for cocktail hour to begin!!!

Our cocktail hour centerpieces were river rocks in vases with lights and Betta fish.  At the end of the night, we handed out containers for anyone to take home the fish.  It was a big hit!!!

Close up of DH's Bout (it was a green cymbidium) and a close up of my rings with his bout

Another ring shot

Cocktail Napkins for cocktail hour and for the entire reception-I ordered like 1,000 of them!!!


This was by far my favorite item of the night.  This was the card table with a huge curly willow, birds of paradise, crystals, hydrangeas, orchids, and yes, you guessed it...GRASS.  It was so stunning I could not believe it!

We also had a heart ice sculpture on the table

The place cards were made by ME and they had 8 crystals in the shape of emerald-cut diamonds (which is what my ring is):

To go with our tropical theme, we placed starfish on the cocktail tables and all around (pic on Left). 

This pic (On the right) is after I had the place cards ready to go (alphebetized and #'ed)

Closeup of the card

This pic was taken by my florist prior to the room being set up.  Centerpieces were 12 tall and 12 short (we had 24 total tables) full of absolutely gorgeous orchids and whatnot.  They also had green water with green lights inside the water.  They were to die for!

Pic of the reception room all set up

Close ups of the tall and short cenetrpieces-you can see the lights in the water in the short centerpiece

The head table decorations utilized our bouquets, as well as Ti leaves with votives at every place setting.

A good pic of the head table decorations-loose orchids, votives, and tea leaves with floating votives

Each place setting had either a green or white cymbidium orchid, and here you can see the toothbrush with the American Cancer Society donation card.

Another close-up of the favor cards and toothbrushes

Menu:  DIY


The ICE LUGE in the design of a palm tree - it was designed to look just like our monogram.  We also had signature drinks that were......GREEN!!!

The ice luge was ordered from  HIGHLY recommended-it was beautiful and everyone had a lot of fun taking shots from it.  It holds 1-2 drinks in it.

Closeup of the orchid at each place setting

Place setting (missing the orchid)-it was removed to show the menu and favors

Table numbers-went with our tropical theme.  They were ordered from  The pineapple holders were ordered from online, but I cannot remember where!

The Cake-designed by me, made by The Drake.  It was part of our reception package.  The florist put all the orchids on it.  It was lovely-perfectly what I wanted!


The reception begins-my sister and BIL doing the running man for their introduction!

Dr. and Dr. Bauer!!!   Grand entrance and cutting the cake

My dad gave the most heartwarming speech.  Everyone was crying!!

Speeches by BIL, my sister, and a GM and a BM.

They were obviously HILARIOUS!!

Our first dance to "Crazy for You" by Madonna (and a very good shot of the head table decor)

Mother-son dance (to "The Dance" by Garth Brooks)  and father-daughter dance (to "Ballerina Girl" by Lionel Richie)

Ok, now the party begins!  The dance floor was packed all night!  We had such a blast!

DJ:  Craig Mohler from Sounds Abound:  He deserves an A+++++++.  He kept the dance floor packed, he wasnt cheesy, he kept getting on the dance floor and dancing with us, and most importantly-he played every song we wanted!  He was wonderful!

Our friends picked us up and we danced like this for a whole song!

The ice-luging begins-people were waiting in line to get drinks from the luge!!!

It was a great night-in fact, it was so much fun that we ended up extending the wedding for another hour-so it went until 1 AM!  So now we are off to bed!


Bye!  Thanks for looking!


Vendor Reviews: 

Church:  Grace United Methodist Church in Naperville, IL.  A+.  Beautiful church, wonderful pastor!  They did so much for us the day of the wedding.  It made for a perfect ceremony!

Reception:  The Drake Oak Brook .  A.  The food was wonderful, the Cake was stunning, and the service was outstanding.  We had a few problems with the hotel block, but they took care of it immediately.  Overall, a beautiful setup and ambience.  I loved it!!

Rehearsal Dinner:  Key Wester in Naperville- we rented out the Waterfall room (which fit 56 people).  It was beautiful and matched our theme perfectly.  They were great to work with!

My dress:  Pronovias from A'Lamour in Barrington (loved A'Lamour)      A+.  Margie was my saleswoman and I loved her.  She lidtened to everything I wanted, she let me make a few changes to the dress, and she was on top of everything as far as keeping things on time.  I also got my dress altered there and they did a fantastic job.  I can't say she was the nicests seamstress to work with, but her work was amazing, so I sucked it up.  Overall, a wonderful experience.

BM Dresses:  Alvina Valenta (from A'Lamour as well)

Invitations:  Crooked Spoke Press (in NYC).  A++++++++  (review at beginning of my bio)

Florist:  Biance De La Rosa A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++.  Review above also.  Again, my FAVORITE vendor.  My flowers were over-the top extravagant.  I loved her.

Cake:  Made by The Drake.  I loved it!

Trolley:  Naperville trolley  A+++++  Another great vendor!  We had Harry as our driver and he was a hoot!  He told us to make CD's to play for our ride and he blasted our CD's.  he also decorated the trolley in our colors and gave us a bottle of champagne!  We had so much fun on the trolley!

Photographer:  Timothy Whaley and Associates  B.  We had Ken Holtane as our main photographer and Chris Mader as our Photojournalist.  I give Chris and A+ (all the Black and white photos are hers) and Ken a C+.  I felt that Ken did not take pics of so many details that I worked SO hard on.  He didn't take any pics of our cocktail tables, which were beautiful (they had the fish in them) and IMO, he didn't take enough pics of the reception hall with all the details.  However, Chris took every detail possible, but she was not at the recption, so I am sad to say a lot of details were missed and I have no pics of some stuff   :(

Advice:  Tell your photographer to take every SINGLE detail of everything!  Very important b/c you will know what you have, but you may not notice it on the day of the wedding-so you will only know how things looked by pictures!!!

DJ:  SOunds Abound (Craig Mohler):  Mentioned previously-he is wonderful!  Many of my friends have used Sounds Abound and I have yet to see someone who is not great!  I think overall they are a great company!

Linens/Chair covers:  Party Linens (Yvonne Greenberg).  She was fantastic!  Chair covers were inexpensive and she did a lovely job!  She also put some green linens around the cake table and head table.


Videographer:  Nicole from Modern Image Studios.  Pending...we will see when the video comes!  Overall, she was so sweet and it seemed like she did a great job-so that gives me hope!!!

Other Vendors

~Chimonique-she made my aisle runner and BM earrings.  She is fantastic and I loved her work!  A++++++++++++++++++ (the pluses could go on forever!)

Ebay:  AprilDawnesh for cocktail napkins.  Great deal-$5.99 for a pack of 50.  for guestbook and pen, unity candles, and gift bags for BM's         for wedding bubbles in the shape of champagne flutes

Paper source:  for my American Cancer Society donation cards.  When you donate to ACS, they offer to give you scroll-type donation cards for free, but I wanted mine personalized b/c they were in honor of my mom who passed away from cancer, so I opted to have my own made.

Wilshire Graphic Press:    desktop embosser for return address on my invitations.  for Paper to make my folders for my invitations.  I ordered Indian silk paper in kiwi green (see above photos of the folders)

Hair and Makeup:  Sonia Roselli and Livia Caporale.  As I previously mentioned, A++++++.  We all looked beautiful because of them!

Rings:  Carl Schmelze of Jewlers Row.  They were wonderful!  DH custom designed my ring and he said he was fabulous to work with!!