Dr. David P. McFadden for President

I am running for President and my platform is EMPLOYMENT AND THE ECONOMY.


My first day as President, I will meet with the Secretary of the Department of Transportation and the Secretary of the Department of Energy.  We will initiate implementation of the following system that will break our oil addiction, create many jobs and improve our economy.


I believe it is time for us to break our addiction to oil.  We should keep the money we have been sending abroad for foreign oil within the US to support jobs and our economy.


Let’s acknowledge that battery electric vehicles (BEVs) will not be a major mode of transportation due to capacity problems and recharge time.


I propose an electric rail system where two parallel electric rails are embedded only in limited access expressway lanes, flush with the road surface so they do not interfere with traditional traffic.  BEVs would have two electricity pick-up devices that contact the rails and an automatic steering control system with sensors to maintain the electricity pick-up devices in contact with the electric rails.


These vehicles would OPERATE AND CHARGE SIMULTANEOUSLY while on limited access expressways, extending their range tremendously.  These BEVs could also have an optional small petroleum generator to extend their range further than their batteries’ capacity when not traveling on limited access expressways.


Rails would only be on limited access expressways, resulting in less human proximity to electric rails compared to a typical electric train station.  Electric rails would be separated by 4-5 ft, further minimizing risk to humans and animals.   In addition, this system would be designed with circuit breakers on short segments to facilitate stopping the current in case of an accident or other situation to minimize human risk.  Of course these BEVs would continue to operate on battery power through expressway segments without rail current, just as they would operate when they are not on limited access expressways.


Electricity production for this system could be primarily from renewable sources, such as solar, wind, etc.  This would substantially increase employment for renewable energy companies, manufacturers, installers and for maintenance. 


By converting much of our automobile and truck energy use from oil to renewable electric sources, this will decrease the demand and price for oil, resulting in positive impacts throughout our economy.  The decrease in vehicle emissions will have a positive impact on our air quality.


We can either continue sending billions of dollars abroad to maintain our oil addiction, or we can develop a system that will keep this money in the US, supporting employment and our economy, improve the quality of our air, save lives due to fewer accidents with the automatic steering control on limited access expressways, and make driving long distances much easier.



David P. McFadden  Ph.D, D.A.B.T.

Springboro, Ohio


Video of the System Described Above

A short video of this system described is below.

YouTube Video

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If I have any spare time as President, I do NOT play golf.


I will spend any free time personally reviewing visa applications from leaders of OPEC nations trying to visit the US to increase their oil sales.