The Mind & ToE

See these sections:
  • My Theory of Everything (ToE): linking my thoughts about the science of our minds (including free-will, emotions, belief in love & God / 'The Force') to magnetism, quantum physics, gravity, space & time etc.
  • "Everlasting life in heaven": a further article, which - like my "ToE" - is also about spreading love through humanity, also with vague links to religion, but - despite the title - with a more realistic & practical conclusion for where we should focus our loving efforts (the answer being - collectively on our children).
   Plus (in due course),
  • Love Actually: my story (when I eventually write it) of strange "coincidences" (or otherwise?) that led to quite a bit of what I've written on this site.

For more stuff on the mind, here's a few things I've found interesting or useful:

Personal development
    I highly recommend this course to anyone / everyone (if you can manage to overlook the American buzzwords & marketing).
    Actually they ought to do it in all high schools.  It applies fairly standard psychology in an intense environment that helps you challenge your limiting self-beliefs.
    You will learn many things, but not least how to truly love others, starting with yourself.  And they can help you to free your life from the constraints & misguided "lessons" of the past, or goals that are forever in the future
    , and instead decide what sort of person you want to BE, so you can then simply start being that authentic person, living a life of passion and integrity.
The power of belief
I saw a TV program about this on Netflix (on 8 July 2016), and it turns out to be very similar to my ToE!
So there you go - without being religious or naturally inclined to the mystic, through logical thinking, science & imagination I seem to have independently reached broadly the same conclusions as every other religion and new age philosophy
- so I must be right!
Apparently The Secret is based on this:

Intimate relationships & love
  • - difficult reading but insightful use of sex as a window on wider relationship issues & marital conflict as a driver of personal growth.

Yes, I know it's a short reading list above - I don't read many books as my mind wanders off too much (or it could be my aphantasia).  Anyway, you should beware of too much reading (TV of the early 20th Century):

Some more Einstein quotes, much of it in common with my view on life:

Talking of change, attached below for your amusement (and my embarrassment) is something of a contrast on my more recent writings on God - my student magazine rant showing "Blatant Contempt for God" (& hypocritical elements of the church).
But I still think the messages of how to live a good life are more important than the messenger / "Him", and it turns out I actually share the religions of past teachers:

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