Who is Dr. Samimi

Dr. Daryoosh Samimi is a researcher and inventor in field of gynecology with emphasis on female urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. He is a board certified and a fellow in the American College of Ob-Gyn. Upon attaining his M.D., Dr. Samimi continued his training via Ob-Gyn residency at Major Teaching Hospital, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Dr. Samimi was a former chairman of the Department of Ob-Gyn at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Medical Centers. Furthermore, Dr. Samimi serves on the staff at Huntington Beach Hospital and Harbor UCLA. In over twenty years of practice, Dr. Samimi has reviewed several hundred scientific books, chapters, abstracts, journals, and films. 

Some of his finding include the following: 

Numerous women suffer nerve injury to the reproductive regions of the bodies. Often these injuries are caused by an original surgery gone bad. Efforts to undo the mistakes of the initial surgery frequently render the patient in a constant state of pain, and unable to enjoy life. 
An example of the type of initial surgery is acknowledged in medical literature. Frequently, a lack of precise knowledge with regard to the enervation of the female urethral sphincter has resulted in injury to the nerve branches during surgery involving urinary incontinence and pelvic floor reconstruction. 
Due in large part to the preceding findings, Dr. Samimi has converted his concern into a call for action as he has devoted himself to pioneering cutting edge preventive techniques with which to minimize nerve injury during urethro-vesical suspension, hysterectomy, and pelvic organ prolapse. 

Breakthrough Technique #1: Outpatient Burch-Sling Procedure 

The first surgery pending over ten years in development is the outpatient Burch-Sling Procedure. Dr. Samimi’s outpatient Burch-Sling procedure is a nerve sparing method utilized for the correction female urinary incontinence. It was first presented by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1998, and also at the annual Meeting of the Society for Gynecologic Investigation on March 22nd, 2002. A film of the Burch-Sling procedure was selected and presented at the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) Film Festival, which took place in Los Angeles on May 2002. During the May 2002 airing of Dr. Samimi’s Burch-Sling procedure, his film was presented as a teaching tool 

Dr. Samimi’s demonstration of the outpatient Burch-Sling procedure is available for purchase on film media and DVD from ACOG at 800-762-2264-AVL 160 In addition, Dr. Samimi has made several presentations at universities throughout the U.S. and both the subject matter and the technique have been well received (Harbor UCLA, University of California San Francisco Department of Urology, and Case Western Reserve University Department of OB-Gyn). His outpatient Burch-Sling procedure and device testifies to universities embracing both the subject matter of his technique and the method itself as it has been proven to be highly effective in treating female urinary incontinence in particular. 

Breakthrough Investigation #2: Randomized Study of Intrastromal Abdominal Hysterectomy 

Through diligent research Dr. Samimi has sought to develop methods to increase the safety of the hysterectomy procedure as a whole. This is where Dr. Samimi’ s pioneered Intrastromal Abdominal Hysterectomy enters the picture. To measure the efficacy of this new procedure with regards to hysterectomies, Dr. Samimi has completed a randomized study on the results. Dr. Samimi’s Intrastromal method was designed to decrease hospital stay, minimize the patient’s blood loss, and to prevent injury to the pelvic floor supports. The successful results and procedure itself were presented most recently at the annual ACOG meeting on April 28th, 2003. 

Medical Journalist from Reuters Health Information Inc. and United Press International did favorable interviews with him, which can be located on their respective websites. 
Contemporary Ob/Gyn Journal 48, no.6 under Highlights from the 2003 annual ACOG meeting held in New Orleans, Louisiana, made remarkable statements regarding Dr. Samimi’ s recent research and invention (Intrastromal Hysterectomy). 

Breakthrough research #3: Method for Breast Cancer Detection 

Over the course of more than eighteen years, Dr. Samimi, through extensive research and investigation, has succeeded in developing a method for diagnosing breast cancer in its pre or early stages. His new method for Early Breast Cancer Detection when mammography is negative and the lesion is non-palpable, was selected and exhibited at the annual SGI (Society for Gynecologic Investigation) Meeting on March 23, 2002. 
Note: The above referenced material was chosen for presentation at ACOG’s 50th annual Clinical Meeting on May 6th, 2002 Los Angeles, CA. Furthermore, it is important to note that the impressions of experts and reviewers regarding this particular Early Breast Detection method have been favorable. 

Dr. Samimi’s goal in life has been to advance the Science of Medicine through improving the health of women, for whom we care. Therefore he has devoted a substantial portion of his practice to combating many traumatic and nagging maladies that women are prone to encounter. 

Dr. Samimi's Office motto is: "The bottom line and the motivation for everything I do will be our patients. Whatever is placed before you, ask if it is in the best interests of the patient. If it is fight for it. If it is not do prevent it" 

International Urogynecologcal Association

The American College of Obstetrician and Gynecologists

Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute


“It has been almost two months since you performed the “Closed Burch Procedure” on me and now I can sneeze, laugh, cough, and move without the worry of losing urine. Oh what a feeling of freedom!  And best of all, I don’t have to wear urinary incontinence pads any more.

God Bless you Dr. Samimi for coming up with such an effective and easy procedure. I went home the same day of the operation and I was back to work in three weeks. I have never felt better about myself.”

Gladys A. Valencia

“I thank God and you Dr. Samimi for saving me from untold suffering which would have been totally unnecessary. It is time that medical schools teach doctors and hospitals about this non-invasive procedure.

It is my sincere wish to reach out and tell my story to every woman in America who is suffering as I did, that there is an alternative way and I am eternally grateful to you for your invention.”

Maria C. Wilson

“Approximately 15 years ago, I had bladder surgery. This time when the incontinence became unbearable I went back to the same doctors, they told me that I would need a second bladder operation; however, they could not assure me that my incontinence would be completely or even partially cured by the surgery.

A family member told me about your new approach to curing incontinence…… I finally decided to have you perform the surgery, and I couldn’t be more pleased. The surgery itself was performed on schedule and I felt that I was in good hands at all time and was very comfortable   with you and your staff.

I am as good as new and have no incontinence at all. I feel wonderful, thanks to you.”

Lola Alaniz 

“You detected two lumps in my left breast and the mammogram did not show them. But thanks to you I am here today. You did the surgery removing the lumps on September 2000. And because of you finding them in the early stage they had not spread. Consequently, Chemo or Radiation was not necessary”  

Lois Blackwell