Brief Biography

Dr Craig Pater
son is a philosopher and author with a special interest in ethics and applied ethics.
He provides consultancy services to companies and organisations in the field of health care ethics.
ducated at Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland; University of Edinburgh, Scotland; University of York, England; Saint Louis University, USA; University of California, Los Angeles, USA. He has previously held teaching appointments at Saint Louis University, USA and Providence College, USA. He is an Honorary Research Professor at Complutense University of Madrid, Spain and was honoured with an Honorary Doctorate in Education from the 
Faculdade Integrada do Bico do Papagaio (Fabic), Brazil.  Paterson has been a significant contributor to contemporary ethical and legal discourse on biomedical ethics in the natural law tradition, especially in the areas of assisted suicide, euthanasia and killing and letting die. He adopts a revised non-naturalist approach to natural law ethics influenced by the practical reasoning approach of Aquinas, the intuitionalism of G.E. Moore, and others.