Important Dates:

Standard Math-Tuesday, April 14th: Tutoring until 5

Algebra Students-April 16th: Unit 8 (Transformations) tutoring until 5

Standard Math-Wednesday, April 22nd:Tutoring until 5

ALL students-Thursday, April 23rd: MATH Milestone

Algebra Students-April 29th: Unit 6 (Data Analysis) tutoring until 5

Algebra Students-May 4th: Unit 7 (Scatterplots) tutoring until 5

Algebra Students-May 6th: Unit 9 (Lines) tutoring until 5

Algebra Students-May 11th through May 13th: Algebra Milestone

2nd period is Standard Math and is learning about 

System of Equations.

Link to tonight's session:




 You can download the app or use the website. You will need to create an account to use the notecards that I uploaded. Search for: mathteachercoffey to find my cards.

Please email me @ mathteachercoffey@gmail.com if you have ANY questions :)

Welcome to my webpage. To the left you will see links to each of the topics where you can find tutorial videos. I have a page for standard math and for algebra where I will attach documents. Please email me if you have any questions.

mathteachercoffey@gmail.com (This email goes to my phone) 
Heather_Coffey@gwinnett.k12.ga.us (Jones email address)

Math Supplies
notebook paper
graph paper
1.5 inch notebook with dividers (5)
TI-30XS Calculator