Classis Program Committee

Revitalization Grant Application

Our Revitalization Application Process is designed to help churches within the Classis of Delaware-Raritan find ways and means to restore ministries within their communities. This process is intended to serve as a guide and a tool to assist churches who are discerning this need.

This process mirrors others used throughout the Reformed Church in America at the denominational and classis levels. Discernment and planning are part of the revitalization process. We acknowledge that the application exercise alone is not easy. We as a Classis have much to learn about how to guide, coach and mentor this endeavor.  But this is a start!

We ask that all of our churches be in prayer for our brothers and sisters discerning the need for new strategies and restoration. Pray that God can open them to new ideas and new ways to reconnect with those around them who need to hear and experience the Good News. Pray that these churches are given the leadership within their fold to guide them in such a direction. Pray for those who are in the midst of revitalization that the Holy Spirit freely blows through their community opening them to receiving God's marvelous grace.

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Classis Minister

Rev. Steve Miller
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Chair of Program Committee

Rev. Chris Heitkamp 908-892-5418