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Classis Congregations Prayer Schedules

To help us hold each other in prayer throughout the year, we have a schedule for every congregation to pray for every other congregation as the year progresses (with summer off). We encourage all congregations to come together in prayer in this simple but profound way.

While it is good simply to lift the name of another congregation in prayer, we hope that each pastor or elder will contact the congregation being prayed for on the coming Sunday so that we can get a growing sense of how each and all of us are doing with the work of God’s kingdom. This simple gesture is a clear way to say “we care about you.” If the minister doesn’t have enough time to do this, it would be an ideal way for elders to reach out to other elders in being the church Christ calls us to be.

See the attached schedules below, according to year. Scroll down the pdf to find your church's schedule.
David Ruisard,
Nov 4, 2019, 12:39 PM