Some of our Churches' Mission Statements

Addisville Reformed Church


L ove the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and love our neighbors as ourselves as instructed by our Lord Jesus Christ.

I nvite the Holy Spirit to change us from within through dynamic corporate worship;

V alue and welcome all people, never letting the doors of our church be narrower than the gates of Heaven;

E ducate, challenge, and inspire one another to provide for the hopes andneeds of our family, church, community, and world to manifest… OUR FAITH

Annandale Reformed Church

"We are a family in Christ, called by the Holy Spirit to serve God in our community. We are placed here to worship, nurture, and serve, and to make the joyous life of Jesus Christ more accessible to our neighbors."

Blawenburg Reformed Church

Blawenburg Reformed Church is a family of God’s people united in Christ through the Holy Spirit.  We commit our gifts to worship, hospitality, life-long learning, serving those in need and proclaiming the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ.  

Bradley Gardens Reformed Church
Centro Cristiano Palabra de Fe—PA
Clover Hill Reformed Church

Since 1834 the Clover Hill Reformed Church has been committed to serving God in the West Central New Jersey area through worship, education, fellowship and service.  We are a congregation where people have discovered an intimacy in their relationships. Our programs focus on the spiritual growth of families through a vibrant Church School, an active Youth Group and a worship style that is both warmly inviting and traditionally structured. We work to extend our ministry through local food and shelter providing groups and we encourage our members to be involved in school and community activities.

Community Reformed Church
Faith Reformed Church—Levittown
Finderne Reformed Church
Griggstown Reformed Church
Harlingen Reformed Church
High Bridge Reformed Church
Hillsborough Reformed Church at Millstone
Lebanon Reformed Church
Lighthouses of Oxford Valley
Neshanic Reformed Church
Newtown Reformed Church
North Branch Reformed Church

The mission of the North Branch Reformed Church is to invite everyone into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that results in a continuing worship of God and daily service in the Spirit’s presence.


THE MISSION OF NBRC… results in a continuing worship of God…

SPIRITUALITY in life by increasing our awareness of God’s presence through an emphasis upon prayer, contemplation, music, and inspiring worship.

THE MISSION OF NBRC is to invite all people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ…

SUPPORT for the journey by offering Christ’s healing for all individuals, families, and our church family through an emphasis upon classes, group activities, and community in committees.

THE MISSION OF NBRC…results in…daily service in the Holy Spirit’s presence.

SERVICE to the world by empowering the church to realize our gifts, given to us by the Holy Spirit, to reach out to the world through increased mission giving and mission living in the Preschool, Kirkside, Sunrise House, and wherever the Holy Spirit leads us.

North & Southampton Reformed Church
Peapack Reformed Church

Peapack Reformed Church is a congregation called by God, inspired by the Holy Spirit and committed to being the very presence of Jesus Christ in the world.

Pleasant Ridge Church of Danboro
Pottersville Reformed Church
Readington Reformed Church

We are a family of God who seeks to grow in faith and service.   We serve God by worshipping in ways that are biblically grounded while seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  We serve God by seeking ways to reach out to the community while also caring for one another.  We serve God by remaining strong in our substance while adjusting our form in ways that allow us to effectively draw people into God’s family.  Though the form changes, the substance remains the same.

Rockaway Reformed Church

The role and mission of Rockaway Reformed Church is to be a visible demonstration of the Kingdom of God. We are a community through which God will be revealed so that all people might receive and experience His reconciling love, through Jesus Christ.

First Reformed Church—Rocky Hill
Reformed Church of Bound Brook
South Branch Reformed Church
Stanton Reformed Church

We are a community of grace.

We value relationships with one another and with God.  We live in fellowship, committed to accepting and supporting one another.

We value discipleship along life’s journey.  We study scripture, worship, and pray to foster our growth in Christ.

We value mission in our community and throughout the world.  We follow Christ’s call to care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the human community.

The Reformed Church—Willow Grove
Three Bridges Reformed Church

United Reformed Church—Somerville

Our mission is to grow in faith and love of Jesus Christ, to extend that love into the community, and to bring others to the same.  The United Reformed Church declares that it will accept and welcome, without condemnation, all people of God into its fellowship regardless of race, gender, national origin, health issues, sexual orientation or immigration status.  We do so out of love for God and our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Willow Grove Korean Reformed Church