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Responding to Abuse Event

How to Respond to Abuse in the Church and Christian Environment


Training for Pastors, Elders, Deacons, Staff and Leaders


October 5, 2019    9am-4:30   @    North Branch Reformed Church


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Lunch will be provided.  Registration is limited so please register early to guarantee a spot.  



Why should we come to this event?  Most pastors and leaders pray that they never have to deal with an accusation of abuse within their church.  Why?  Because we honestly are not prepared to handle it.   While the states have provided strict guidelines in reporting child abuse and insurance companies have created policies regarding abuse in the church, they often bend toward preventing litigation rather than a sound theological and ministerial response.  More often than not in institutions, especially churches, victims are not believed and events swept under the rug “for the sake of the Gospel.”  There is a better way if we are willing to take the steps to learn and do the hard work of thinking through complicated situations ahead of time.  This training is not being offered anywhere else right now and is groundbreaking for us and our denomination!



God is not silent on the issue of abuse.  It is said that once you read Scripture through the lens of trauma, it’s difficult to see it any other way afterwards.  God is very vocal about how followers should handle abuse if we are willing to hear it.  Statistics show that in our pews, almost 1/3 to ½ of our parishioners have experienced some type of abuse in their lives and many more know someone who has.  It is time for us to stop reacting on this subject and start being proactive and addressing it from the pulpit all the way to our policies.



Who is conducting the training?    Trainer:  Mike Sloan from GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment)  Rev. Mike Sloan is the Director of Safeguarding Certification at GRACE. For the last eight years, Mike has trained churches, schools, and other Christian ministries across the U.S. and abroad in child abuse prevention and response best practices. Mike worked with GRACE board member Victor Vieth to develop the GRACE Seminary Curriculum, the first 3-credit hour seminary course on child maltreatment in churches, which was piloted at Biblical Seminary in 2017. Mike has served as a local pastor in congregations in Atlanta, GA, and Columbus, OH.  For more about GRACE, visit netgrace.org


GRACE’s Leadership Training is designed to give leaders the necessary education and tools to create a strong culture of protection for the vulnerable at the level of the local church and across the denomination. All organizations must understand and proactively address abuse as a systemic issue.  Without a particular culture adults will struggle to implement any training and effectively live the church policy. Leaders must work together to confront denial and equip all adults to take up their role in protecting the vulnerable.



Topics covered:


• Abuse as a Systemic Issue that Calls for Proactive Leaders

• God, the Bible, and Abuse

• Power and its Abuse in the Church and Home

• Abuse and the Mission of the Church

• Overcoming Denial and Myths

• Educating our Churches with Excellence

• Working Against Common Dynamics that Contribute to Abuse in Churches

• Leading a Culture that Believes and Supports Victims

• Responding to Offenders and Their Tactics

• Developing and Implementing Effective Policies

• Reporting Abuse and Responding to Policy Violations and Concerns




Event Co-Sponsored by the Regional Synod of the Mid-Atlantics and the Classis of Delaware-Raritan