Classis Minister

Rev. Steven Miller is our Classis Minister

130 Conklin Street, South Plainfield, NJ 07080
(908) 705-0145 (cell)     (908) 757-3148 (home) 


The purpose of a Classis Minister is to sustain healthy community and mutual accountability among the churches, leaders, and classis committees of the Reformed Churches of Delaware-Raritan Classis through...


      • To facilitate quick, direct and personal communication within and on behalf of the classis.
      • To identify and seek to overcome the gaps in communication that undermine our effectiveness


      • To be a "visible point person" for lay leaders, members of congregations, and pastors seeking information or assistance.
      • To facilitate the effective involvement of classis committees in events of pastoral or congregational crisis for long-term healing
      • Care and Consultation
      • To see that "the pastoral care of each enrolled minister and the minister's immediate family" is being attended to within the classis. (as per BCO, Chapter 1, Part II Art. 13, Sec. 3, p.47)
      • Provide immediate counsel to consistories and boards of elders.

Responsibilities to include:

      • Attend all stated sessions of Classis
      • Attend Pastoral Care and Congregational Care Committee meetings as needed.
      • Be "on-site" quickly with consistories, pastors, or boards of elders, for resourcing and coordinating, in cases of destructive conflict, accusation, or other crisis
      • Building community within the classis (in ex. cluster groups, etc.)
      • Build Relationships with congregational leadership
      • Consult or call a meeting with the classis committees or their designated teams doing the required long-term care subsequent to crisis intervention
      • Coordinate communications with the Classis Clerk
      • Develop effective communication to and among the churches
      • Ex-officio of all classis committees (on their invitation list).
      • Refer to experts and/or Programming committee of churches expressing leadership in Revitalization
      • Regularly visit all congregations in a rotational schedule, preferable a minimum of once every two years
      • Respond quickly & directly to inquiries from church, consistory, or classis members


      • Christ-centered
      • Strong "people" skills
      • Courage
      • Trustworthy
      • Conflict Management Skills
      • Pro-active and self-starting
      • Committed to teamwork and consensus building.
      • Loves the church and has positive expectations for the classis
      • Creative participant in shaping this evolving position


Initial contract will be for one year. Termination by either party with 60-days notice.


Half-time salary package pro-rated with the classis Ministerial Salary Guidelines.