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Ready for My Calling!

by David A Kahler
Ready for My Calling! is a Bible study guide for people who are seeking to be confident church leaders. In this devotion style book, you will be able to:

• focus on what God wants in an Elder and Deacon
• brainstorm resources to help you grow in your ministry office
• and set goals in step with the Holy Spirit for your growth in Jesus Christ

By the end of this book, you will better understand what true church leadership looks like, how to become more of what God wants in an Elder and Deacon, and say with greater confidence, “I’m Ready for My Calling!”

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Exploring the Libraries of the U.S. PRESIDENTS
By Leonard V. Kalkwarf

Recently my book on the libraries of the US presidents was published.

In this book I relate some of the experiences Bev and I had in visiting all of the Official Libraries of the US presidents which are scattered across the country. In it I give the reader our impressions and underscore some of the historic events these visits called to remembrance. The libraries are a glimpse into the lives of the men whose decisions and actions have made our nation what it is today.

As I viewed the displays in these libraries, it often caused me to remember various historic events of that time, some of which had a direct bearing on my life, which I point out.

If you are at all interested in American history, or history about our presidents, I think you will enjoy this book. And it would make a great Christmas present. You can check out the book by going directly to the link or pasting it into your search engine.

The 104th Field Artillery Regiment of the New York National Guard, 1916–1919
From the Mexican Border to the Meuse-Argonne
by Pamela A. Bakker

The book chronicles the extensive training and heroic service of the New York National Guard’s 104th Field Artillery Regiment from the period of 1916 to 1919. The regiment, initially called the 1st Field Artillery Regiment, served as border patrol in Texas during the Mexican Punitive Expedition in 1916, and trained at the gunnery field at La Gloria, Texas. During World War I, they trained by the Glassy Mountains at Camp Wadsworth in South Carolina, and then at the School of Fire of Camp de Souge near Bordeaux, France.

Because of this extensive training, elements of the 27th Division were splintered off and placed within a number of other divisions. The 52nd Field Artillery Brigade, under which the 104th Field Artillery Regiment served, was attached to the 33rd Division as their artillery, and then the 79th Division for the entire Meuse-Argonne Offensive near Verdun. Using field diaries, photos and letters, their story of courage under extreme conditions including enemy shelling and gas is recorded and their memory preserved.

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by Kenneth Lobb

Ever wonder what it’s like to thumb from Atlantic to Pacific and back again? We Picked Up puts you right on the travel route alongside two seventeen-year-old friends, and asks you to rely on your wits. This adventurous, funny, and spirited novel, based on a true story, is two teenage boys’ expansive search for meaning and truth in our increasingly jaded American culture. Whether through laughter or tears, We Picked Up reminds us we’re all in this together.

The book is available on and

"Dear Craig"

a book by Rev. Len Kalkwarf

Rev. Len Kalkwarf brings well-known and less-known biblical figures to life, giving them modern personalities to relate to a modern audience while capturing the essence of their words. 

Rev. Kalkwarf has dedicated the book to the congregation of the Willow Grove Reformed Church, where he is Pastor Emeritus. The book may be obtained from bookstores, and

Pam writes, "My great-grandfather and his brother were famous 1880s NY baseball writers for the Herald, Sunday Mercury and Clipper newspapers. They were also Official Scorers for the NY and Brooklyn early teams. Since they were church folk (Presbyterian, Reformed Church in America and Methodist) it has some of that in it too."

Christian Ethics as Witness  
Barth's Ethics for a World at Risk, by David Haddorff
See the full book review on the Princeton Theological Seminary website.

Christian Ethics as Witness: Barth's Ethics for a World at Risk
Cascade Press, 2010

Book Summary: How can theology speak to a world facing the effects of globalization, economic injustice, rampant militarism and ecological disaster? What guarantees the theological character and authenticity of Christian ethics, thus distinguishing it from secular social and moral theorizing? How may theological ethics avoid the pitfalls of modernist subjectivism without succumbing to a crippling postmodern relativism and without closing off vital conversation with non-Christian resources? David Haddorff, sets out to answer such questions in a broad and ambitious foray in constructive Christian theology and ethics with Karl Barth as his guide. Barth's ethics, as Haddorff's construes it, is decidedly post-liberal and anti-modern, but still seeks to "eavesdrop" upon the best insights that secular social theory and ethics can offer.

“Far more than a summary of Barth’s ethics, David Haddorff’s book is a first-class effort to think in company with Barth about the source of our knowledge of the good and about the meaning of human freedom and ethical responsibility as faithful correspondence to God’s free grace in Jesus Christ. . . . In the final section of the book, the author offers a highly creative deployment of Barth’s ethics as it bears on the political, economic, and ecological crises of our time.”----Daniel Migliore, Princeton Theological Seminary.

About the Author: David Haddorff, an ordained minister in the RCA, is Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics at St. John's University, New York. His field of study is Christian social ethics, Reformed theology, and especially Karl Barth’s theology and ethics. Some previous works include Dependence and Freedom: The Moral Thought of Horace Bushnell and a lengthy monograph on Barth's political theology in the reprint of Community, State, and Church. 
For more info: Call the Hillsborough Reformed Church office at 908-359-3391.

A Year Done Differently by John William Cherry (Oct 13, 2010)

    Paperback: 64 pages
    In 2009 the Clover Hill Reformed Church celebrated its 175th Anniversary with a year long series of events, and a book, A Year Done Differently, is completed. Jack writes: "Through the focus of the activities and events of the year, I have tried to reflect upon the work that God has done here since 1834. I believe that the book will be of interest and, perhaps, of value beyond our Clover Hill community as other small-to-mid-size Churches face many of the same challenges and opportunities and so I offer it to the larger Church. All of the profits from the book will go to the Building Fund as we continue to face the challenges of maintaining and enhancing our facilities."

    About the Book:
    Daniel Webster, defending Dartmouth College in a case before the Supreme Court, famously said “It is, sir, a small college. And yet there are those who love it.” The same observation could be made about the Clover Hill Reformed Church. Founded in 1834, the Congregation celebrated their 175th Anniversary in 2009 with a year of reflection and re-commitment to their ongoing mission. This book recounts the activities of the year and uses them as a lens to view and understand the Church’s history. ln a culture that is enthralled With mega-churches, marketing strategies and material measurements of success, Clover Hill, and thousands of churches like her throughout the country, continue to faithfully carry out their Work of Worship, mission and education. And there are those who love them.

    To get a copy, Contact the church office 908-369-8451

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