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At work in the Yorkshire Museum herbarium

Who am I and what do I do?
I am an independent self-employed consultant in statutory plant health with a specialism in plant pathology. 
The main objective of my work is to identify and help to minimise risks to plant health whilst facilitating safer trade in plants and plant-based commodities.  
I can produce detailed written documents including:
  • Pest Risk Analyses (PRAs)
  • Datasheets for plant pests (including pathogens)
  • Tailored scientific advice for specific plant health problems
  • Detailed review of existing plant health documentation including PRAs and datasheets.
I have excellent communication skills, a great eye for detail, and an ability to analyse and summarise complex scientific and economic information in written or verbal form to support policy makers.

Summary of experience

Within the UK Civil Service I have 16 years international experience and expertise in PRA and consultancy work in support of plant health policy across all sectors, as well as 8 year’s experience as an Advisory Plant Pathologist (arable crops and horticulture).
I am listed on the International Plant Protection Convention Secretariat’s roster of phytosanitary consultants: