Dr. Christensen is currently an Upper School mathematics teacher at Ashley Hall School in Charleston, South Carolina.  Her passion for involving girls in math, science, and programming led her to Ashley Hall-- an all girls' school-- where she teaches, mentors, and collaborates to design innovative curricula.

Prior to Ashley Hall, Dr. Christensen was the staff scientist at Avatar EEG Solutions Inc. in Calgary, Alberta.  She joined Avatar after obtaining her Ph.D. in Physics from The Pennsylvania State University in 2007 and then completing a post doctoral fellowship in The Complexity Science Group at The University of Calgary as well as studies at the School of Information, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She has extensive research experience in methods, modeling, and analysis pertaining to topics spanning numerous subfields within the (much) broader field of complexity science.  Her primary research interests include complex network-based, information-theoretic, and machine-learning algorithms for pattern recognition, 
time-series analysis of electroencephalogram (EEG) readings, inference and graph-theoretical analysis of gene-regulatory (and other cellular) networks, network-based epidemiological modeling, critical phenomena, information dynamics and social networks, and physics education.  In addition to her more than six years of research with a number of collaborators, Dr. Christensen also holds over six years of teaching experience in math and science (predominantly physics and mathematics)  at all levels, from the elementary school classroom, to the advanced undergraduate seminar.