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Craig and Medine's booklet, "Reconciliation for Africa," is circulating in Kenya, Nigeria, and Francophone Africa. We taught in Côte d'Ivoire this summer, and Craig plans to teach again to Francophone Africa in January.

Craig's book on the plausibility of miracle accounts in the Gospels and Acts came out in Nov. 2011 (see the page devoted to this book, MIRACLES).

Craig completed his commentary on Acts several years ago. The first volume is now out, and the successive volumes are in the pipeline (it will apparently be divided in four volumes).

We have written the testimony of Medine as a war refugee and how we got together.  (See marriagestory. Sharing that with "live audiences" has proved very moving.) Regal plans to publish the story in 2013.

I am currently program chair for the Institute for Biblical Research, working with an outstanding committee of colleagues; for Nov. 2012, our topic is Rhetorical Criticism. For 2011, our topic was Global Readings; the papers are being published in a book later this year.

For some LINKS (for video or audio), see e.g.,

(New, 7-minute brief videos

an 11-minute overview of the historical value of Acts:

an 11-minute treatment of Pentecost and Acts 1-2:

a 7-minute overview of Paul's letter to the Romans

a 7-minute survey of John's water motif:

a 7-minute survey of Matthew's Gospel (esp. via Matt 28):

interviews with me about historical Jesus research at:

(But I meant to say "Pliny the Younger"!)

New interviews (with myself and Médine) regarding aspects of the Miracles book at:

and others on

A popular version of some of my written historical Jesus research at:

(NEW as of Nov. 2011) For a more scholarly version, see:

Note also my response to two objections: First, some complained that he depended solely on rabbinic sources for his treatment of ancient memory. Anyone who simply reads pp. 40-44 will see that the strong majority of his examples do not come from this source. Second, one critic protested that biographies of emperors are not analogous to biographies of a miracle working-sage. His response to this criticism is this: biography is a genre, but the subject matter of biographies is a topic rather than genre (e.g., to use a modern analogy, biographies of Churchill, Gandhi or Dr. King address different subjects, but their genre is not different). We have only a limited number of biographies from the early Empire about figures who lived only a generation or two before, and these are most relevant for genre comparison, regardless of their topic.

A scanned version of an academic article I wrote on ethnic reconciliation in 2003 is available here:

If you would like to download or read my basic introduction on how to interpret the Bible most effectively, with examples (I wrote this short book originally for use in Africa; it is at a basic level and requires no technical training), you can access this book free at:

For an online article in support of women in ministry, see:
For a video interview about Craig's Revelation commentary, see

Also a video interview on devotional reading of the Bible:

For an audio interview on the Gospels (especially their relation to historical information), see:

(The above file is somewhat large. So, it may take 5 or more minutes to stream. It would be best to download it by right-clicking on the link and select "Save Target As," "Save Link As," or "Download Linked File.")

The same website also includes an audio interview on the Book of Acts (again, especially in relation to historical information):

And (ADDED MARCH 2011) on the plausibility of miracles:

If you are interested in hearing some messages on missiology delivered at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, they are available at: 

You will need to scroll down the page (to messages from January 2008).


If you are interested in reading some briefer interviews see on The Historical Jesus of the Gospels (one of my books) my interview with Frank Viola (different from my article on the subject posted further above):
On issues especially related to charismatic academic perspectives, see "Fridays with Craig Keener":

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