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Craig S. Keener is especially known for his work as a New Testament scholar on Bible background (commentaries on the New Testament in its early Jewish and Greco-Roman settings).  His popular-level IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament has sold over half a million copies (if one includes translations and electronic sales).  (Naturally his academic books do not sell so many copies.)


Recent: 2012:


  •     Acts: An Exegetical Commentary vol. 2 (Baker Academic)
  • The IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament, new edition (IVP Academic)
  • Acts: An Exegetical Commentary vol. 3 (Baker Academic)
  • Acts: An Exegetical Commentary vol. 4 (Baker Academic)
  • Mind of the Spirit (Baker Academic)
  • The New Testament notes for a background-focused study Bible (Zondervan)
  • A popular-level book recounting Médine's testimony as a war refugee in Congo, and how we got together (Chosen)

Craig Keener is author of many books, including four books (three of them commentaries) that have won awards in Christianity Today.  His commentaries include (among others):

·        A Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew (Eerdmans, 1999; slightly revised edition, 2009) (also a briefer version with IVP)

·        The Gospel of John: A Commentary (2 vols., Baker Academic, 2003) (note: new publisher)

·        Revelation (Zondervan, 2000)

·        1-2 Corinthians (Cambridge, 2006)

·        Romans (Cascade, 2009)


Other books include (not an exhaustive list):

·        The Historical Jesus of the Gospels (Eerdmans, 2009)

·        Gift & Giver: The Holy Spirit for Today (Baker, 2001)

·        Paul, Women & Wives (Hendrickson, 1992)

·        Defending Black Faith (with Glenn Usry)


Released in November 2011: Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts (Baker Academic, 2011)

See Miracles (for other interviews and information)

See also Craig's article in the Huffington Posthttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/craig-s-keener/miracles-in-the-bible-and-today_b_1274775.html

And a Christianity Today interview about one aspect of the book here: http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2011/december/okay-to-expect-miracle.html

Craig’s wife Médine, with a Ph.D. from University of  Paris 7, was teaching at Eastern University and currently is coordinator of  family formation at Asbury Theological Seminary. Médine was a refugee for eighteen months in her home country in Africa (Congo-Brazzaville), and together they work for ethnic reconciliation in Africa and elsewhere.


Craig, who did his Ph.D. at Duke University, is a professor of New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary. He was for roughly fifteen years professor of New Testament at Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University, where he was also one of the associate pastors at an African-American Baptist church in Philadelphia. (He was ordained in an African-American Baptist church in 1991, but serves students and settings related to a range of traditions.) He has taught in various countries, especially countries in Africa.  On very rare occasions, he also speaks in other forums, in recent years, for example, for 1700 pastors in Côte d'Ivoire (with Médine, on ethnic reconciliation); for 700 pastors in Cameroon; for pastors in Cuba; for the National Council of Churches Committee on the Uniform Series; for scholarly meetings; among presenters in a Templeton-sponsored gathering at Oxford; and at a diverse range of theological institutions, in recent years including Andrews University; Asia Pacific Theological Seminary in Baguio, Philippines; the Assemblies of God Seminary; Crossway College (Australia); Evangel Seminary in Hong Kong; Faculté de Théologie Évangélique du Cameroon; MacQuarie University (ancient history department); New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary; United Theological Seminary; Vanderbilt Divinity School and West Africa Theological Seminary.

This is his personal home page, but another ministry agreed to host a site that would periodically offer selections from his earlier, popular work for a wider readership, selected by the person running that site (and updated much more frequently):