Services & Specialties

Nu Energetics is a life changing experience, a gift of the universe. As you grow with Nu Energetics, you will contribute healing and harmony to yourself and to your world. Explore and experience the power of Nu Energetics and the difference Nu Energetics can make in your life.

Services: Healing Sessions

Distant (remote) vibrational energy healing sessions:

Sometimes, due to preference, distance, or disability, clients are unable participate in live energy healing sessions. In these cases, the practitioner performs remote sessions that incorporate any or all modalities of energy, crystal, shamanistic, and Light work. These sessions have proven to be as effective as in person sessions for all issues. We ask that you provide a picture of the healing recipient prior to the session (jpg or gif format); and this can be emailed when the session is scheduled. We also ask that you pick a time and day that allows you the opportunity to be inactive (preferably sitting comfortably or lying down) while the session takes place; sessions last an hour or more depending on need.

Medical facility vibrational energy healing sessions:

We service hospitals, senior centers, rehabilitation centers, home care providers, and occupational therapy centers that choose vibrational energy healing sessions for patients who have not benefited from conventional medical treatments or as an adjunct to conventional methods.

In-person vibrational energy healing sessions:

These sessions focus on complete empowerment of the individual. Each incorporates any or all of the following modalities: energy and Light healing work, crystal work and accentuation, block/entity/hook/attachment removal, Akashic Record reading, and sound therapy. These sessions address any physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental needs.

Specialties: Training

Nu Enegetics Training

Anyone can use this healing art for personal well-being and spiritual growth, if they have a desire to learn, and a commitment to use Nu Energetics in their life to heal the planet. Training is done on an individual personalized basis. Nu Energetics energy is transferred to the student by the Nu Energetics Master during the attunement. Nu Energetics training consists of three Levels and an Advanced Level.


Nu Energetics Level 1

Participants learn the history of the Nu Energetics system; learn the hand positions for treatment; become attuned to the Nu Energetics energy; practice using Nu Energetics on themselves and others.


Nu Energetics Level 2

This level is open to those who have completed Nu Energetics Level 1, and have given and received at least three full Nu Energetics treatments. It gives conscious access to Nu Energetics symbols that can be used to increase the flow and focus of energy. Participants learn beaming and scanning, and to send Nu Energetics healing at a distance.


Nu Energetics Level 3

Open to Nu Energetics Level 2 practitioners and to those who want to teach or attune others. Includes advanced healing techniques, Master Nu Energetics symbols, process for intensified healing of self and others.