What is Nu Energetics?

Nu Energetics is an ancient healing art which uses universal life force to balance the body's energy in the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual planes.

Nu: comes from ancient Kemet (Egypt) meaning primary substance.


Energetics: the science of active force.


Does Nu Energetics Work?

Nu Energetics has been used to aid in healing virtually every known illness of mind, body, and spirit (i.e.: chronic pain, stress, strokes, trauma, hypertension, heart conditions, wounds, headaches, broken bones, etc). It does not replace traditional medicine. Like other Alternative Treatment practices, it complements the healing process, restores the body's self-healing ability and can be incorporated into healing arts practiced by health professionals.


How Does Nu Energetics Work?

Nu Energetics used Laying On of Hands. When Nu Energetics is activated, it addresses the body, mind and spirit. Nu Energetics acts by accelerating the body's ability to heal physical ailments and opens the mind and spirit to causes of disharmony.


What Is A Nu Energetics Treatment?

A Nu Energetics treatment is a light, hands on process whereby a Nu Energetics practitioner transfers universal life force to the recipient. The treatments are safe and non-intrusive. The recipient remains fully clothed during the treatment session.* The Nu Energetics practitioner directs healing energy to several areas of the head, upper body, back and extremities. The practitioner does not do the healing, but acts as a channel for the healing energy. The receiver's acceptance determines the progress that can be made in the healing process.

How Will I Feel After A Nu Energetics Healing Session?

A Nu Energetics treatment feels like a warm glowing sensation throughout the body. It is relaxing physically, mentally and spiritually. The stronger the intention the receiver has to receive this divine energy the more profound will be their experience. Through use of Nu Energetics, the body, mind, and spirit are brought into harmony. The receiver is energized and filled with a sense of well-being and peace.

*All jewelry needs to be removed so as to eliminate potential for interference in the flow of the Nu energy, and its harmonizing effect. Most prefer to simply leave jewelry at home.

Nu Enegetics Training

Anyone can use this healing art for personal well-being and spiritual growth, if they have a desire to learn, and a commitment to use Nu Energetics in their life to heal the planet. Training is done on an individual personalized basis. Nu Energetics energy is transferred to the student by the Nu Energetics Master during the attunement. Nu Energetics training consists of three Levels and an Advanced Level.

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