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You're invited!:
Launch of DR. CHAPBOOK literary/arts magazine of Columbia's postbac premed community 
Monday, November 20th, 7:30PM
Lewisohn Hall, GS Lounge

Dr. Rita Charon, Director of the Program in Narrative Medicine at Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons, and author of 2006 book, NARRATIVE MEDICINE: HONORING THE STORIES OF ILLNESS.
  • Pioneer and national authority in the field of Literature & Medicine (click here for LINK to her video interview!).
  • Will will speak about her unique medical career and how narrative methods are improving patient care and bringing positive changes to medical education.
Celebrate with writers, artists, and see if you'd like to get involved!

To conclude the night,
(5 min. limit per reader, or as time permits)  Preferably, please email Dr.chapbook@gmail.com now to sign up; or you can just bring your work the day of and sign up then.

Light refreshments will be served.  Come ON TIME to make sure you get a copy of the beautifully color-printed, limited edition, first DR. CHAPBOOK lit/arts 'zine. 



It is finally here!

web version
FALL'06 Issue One, Dr. Chapbook

Please e-mail this magazine far and wide to anyone who may have the slightest interest in our humble plans and precious hopes, materialized!

Please feel free to contact authors/artists to leave any comments or questions you may have. Dr. Chapbook is here to gather a collection, but also to build an ongoing community of relationships and ideas! The following are a list of contacts of all contributors for Issue I, in order of appearance:

Monica Torres, (Let Go; Painting) - mmt2116@columbia.edu
Abe Young (Shadow; Dad in Scrubs; Each, the I; An Explanation for My Sins) - abeyoung@gmail.com

Gary Wang (Bubble Girl; Heartlines; Shibuya; Panama) - quartertone@gmail.com

Peter Keenan (Emerald Memories) - pfk2102@columbia.edu

Vinnie Accurso (The Hard Worker) - 
Sarah Carter (Lovestrings) - sarahmc@gmail.com

Bisundev Mahato (asst. researcher for Rite of Passage?) - bm2140@columbia.edu

Christina Lum (too damned many illustrations to list; Peacocks mural) - cl2293@columbia.edu

Stephanie De Fiores (Responsibility) - syd2102@columbia.edu

R. Noelle Bates (A Chagall) - rnb2105@columbia.edu







Postbac-premeds have all individually been through there and been through here, in rocky and smoother terrain.  Maybe we've thought about "What the funky monkey shit am I doing in this cubicle," or else the terrain might have led through another country that  one came to love at the ground level, working, creating human relationships with those within arms' length, and the world opened up, as they say.  (Or you may have just graduated straight from some other university's gentle arms of an institution.)


     In any case, here we all are now, and in one form or another, at various intensity levels we've come to see a role of the doctor as one we may love, and one the world may love us as. 


    Here is not much of an introduction to the point, really: a first collection of literary / arts of our postbac program, as the subtitle already explains, and that is as continually verbose as needs be as the conglomeration of interesting voices that will hopefully come to fill these pages, to be shared, proceeds. 


Submission Guidelines 

 This inaugural issue's theme is, very broadly, "Motivations": we all have our own motivations which have landed us here for these few semesters and years together.  Please do not feel constrained; submissions *will not* be turned away because "it does not fit the theme" (unless you give us your undergrad thesis on Greco-Roman flying buttresses). 

|Fiction|  preferably under 2,000 words.


|Reflections/Non-fiction| same, debajo de 2,000 words.


|Poems| can vary from one word to a few pages.


|Art/Photos| sent in as digital attachments in email/CD.


Limit submissions to maximum of 5 per person (any combination of genres).  But if you've really got more great pieces to share,  welcome!


Deadline extended to!: 5/30/06, 11:59 p.m.  (May be extended again, but only in the scenario that submissions were insufficient) 


1) Download and fill out a separate submission form for each piece you submit.


2) Please DO NOT have your name appear anywhere on the Word document of your writing or art file.


3) Email each individual file along with a submission form (2 attachments per email) to Dr.Chapbook@gmail.com.



Join the Chapbook Editorial/Design Team!


[We now have a Team in place, but if you would really like to join or give any input, feel free to let us know!] 


Email Dr.Chapbook...

If you have any suggestions or are interested in contributing to/working to put togehter a possible future Issue II!






"...as a writer I


 never felt that medicine interfered with me but rather that it was my very

 food and drink, the very thing 

which made it possible for me to write."


-Dr. William Carlos Williams








Chapbook Team 



































































Submission deadline:


May 30, 2006

 11:59 p.m.