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Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by. I am considering starting up a small business utilizing laser engraving technology to customize your mobile device. Basically, you would provide a picture, logo, or whatever you want, and I would engrave it onto a replacement battery door/back cover and send it to you. I know many people (myself included) are into customizing their smartphones with custom themes and ROM's, and I am providing an opportunity to also customize the exterior of your device. I am in the process of obtaining samples, and will update this page with pictures of a couple examples of what can be done.

This poll has been set up as a basic market research tool and will be instrumental in my decision to go ahead with this idea. With that in mind, please answer the questions honestly and objectively. I am hoping to get an accurate depiction of the market for this product.

Keep in mind, the results of this poll will not determine the price of this product (that has already been determined), but will determine whether the product becomes available.

Initially, I will be targeting Android devices only, but may expand later on if demand exists.

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Please only answer question 3 if you answered yes to question 1.

Question 3

Thank you for your time. I have more research to do before launching this business, but your answers will be a huge help in my decision. Follow me on twitter @Dr_Carpenter82 for possible news. If I decide to go forward with this, that is where it will be announced initially.