Professor &Doctor Enqin Zhang (Engin Can)

A world famous scholar in Chinese medicine and acupuncture


About Doctor


Chinese name: Enqin Zhang, 张恩勤

Current names: Engin CAN Enqin Zhang



A postgraduate of Shandong University of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), dip no.82023.

Master of Medicine from Shandong University of TCM, dip no.021.

Doctorate in Alternative Medicine from Alternative Medicine Institute, dip no. 099256c.

A full member of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine UK .Registration : FN06112, since 5th Oct. 2006.



Chinese, English, Turkish, etc.


Current occupation:

Chief practitioner of King's Cross TCM & Herbal Centre UACM

President of UK Academy of Chinese Medicine 

Professor (specially invited) of Shandong College of TCM, Laiyang&Weihai, China

Professor (specially invited) of Huaihua Medical College, Hunan, China

Advisor to Huaihua Red Cross Hospital, Hunan, China

Honorary professor of the Taipei Chinese Medicine Association, Taiwan

Part time lecturing on Shang Han Lun for postgraduates and Chinese internal medicine for year 4 of undergraduates at Middlesex University, Archway Campus, London, UK

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