Lonny Brooks, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor 

in Organizational Communication

Department of Communication

California State University, East Bay 


"All the World's a stage"--Jacques from Shakespeare's As You Like It 

 I study how organizations (especially forecasting think tanks), interaction designers, and college youth envision the future of media and information technologies. This research brings together my interests in the social and cultural impacts of new media and the distribution of societal stories we invent to forward, mitigate, or restrain technological and scientific invention. 



Students from my Organizational Communication course, Marcus Mora and Ifeoma (toward the Left) won the future scenario competition that I designed for the course. Michael Smith and Mark Plakias of France Telecom's R&D unit in South San Francisco agreed to judge the scenario teams. The winning team created a product scenario envisioning a software company to run the smart home known as FutureSoft. In their scenario they were able to explore issues of technological backlash, unintended consequences, class inequality, and marketing spin.   

April 12, 2006