Dr. Brandy - Math Enrichment, Exploration, and Equity.

Welcome to the homepage of Dr. Brandy Wiegers - a faculty member at Central Washington University!

I've been involved with national, regional, and local Math Circles efforts for mathematical outreach, enrichment, and education.  In addition, I've enjoyed designing an introduction to the math major program, bridges to Calculus pathways, and various professional development efforts. This site will guide you to more information about my activities in mathematical enrichment, exploration, and equity.

Math Circles

  • I am involved in many projects across the Bay and greater US Area including serving as:
    •   Director of the San Francisco Math Circle and 
    •   Evaluator,  Advisory Board Member, and Founding Director of National Association of Math Circles (NAMC)
  • Exploding Dots keep blowing up with the new Global Math Week! On Oct 10th 2017 I had all of my students participate in the first weeklong event of the Global Math Project. Here are some details of what we did...What is the Global Math Project?An international event, the goal of the Global Math Project was to have students across the world all working on the same math problem in the same week.  I let all my students (elementary through college) know that we were not doing our normal class activities because it was a chance to be a part of this bigger project and then came back the next week to share the final number, more than 1.7 million students/teachers had participated. For my students that helped ...
    Posted Oct 30, 2017, 2:41 PM by Brandy Wiegers
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