Ham radio repeater app

This will host my Android app that shows the ham radio repeaters nearby.  I take no responsibility for anything that this app does.  I am using http://k5ehx.net/repeaters/qrepeater.php as a source for the repeaters so I take no responsibility for it going down.

This is a very rough version of the app.  It has some known issues.  When viewing the map, after finding repeaters, the map does not draw the markers unless you move the map slightly.  If you have other issues with this app, I will give some support, but I am a busy college student.

Another major bug: the app will force quit unless you have some position source turned on.

You should be able to install the app by just downloading the attached file.  You will have to tell your phone to trust external sources to make it work.

If you are curious about the code and would like to improve it, I have uploaded it to https://github.com/drbobbob/Ham-Radio-Repeater-Viewer
Ray Scheufler,
Apr 1, 2010, 8:13 PM