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Week 1
Go onto our class website and print out a copy of the course syllabus.
Sign your syllabus and bring it with you to our next class.

Week 2
Use the link below to answer questions about your home computer.

Week 3
Use the websites below to run two separate internet download tests to measure the speed of your home connection in either Kbps or Mbps. Be sure to write down your scores.
Use the link below to answer questions about your internet connection. Be sure to run connection speed
tests first.

Week 4
Use the link below to complete the Internet Scavenger Hunt and record your answers.

Students will submit a typed Final Research Project consisting of a Title Page and eight resources located online and properly cited in a Reference page. 
Students will select a research topic of interest to themselves and of some significance to the class in general. 
All sources referenced must be related to ones general topic. 
The below links may help you to create your reference page.

 You may use the link below to complete the tutorial entitled "The Basics of APA Style."
This may help you to complete your assignment.