Dr.Biswas's Nutritionals PLUS

Dr.B's  and Others Popular Branded:- Healthy, Nutritionals Package Foods, Snacks, Beverages.  ***ALL FRESH*** Shipped to your door.*** 

     Also we fill Special orders for  Multi-Vitamins and Supplements for young & Adults. ****Shipped directly to your door at choice regular intervals from a Quality Manufacturer in US ****.

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  Founded in 1998 by Dr. Bimal K. Biswas, Dr.Biswas's Nutritional PLUS is backed with 8 year of industry experience

  Through  a Top-notched Online store,  Dr.Biswas's Nutritionals PLUS provides, Dr.B's Branded as well as other Popular Branded  Healthy, Nutritious, Packaged Foods, Snacks, Jams & Jellies/ Preserves and Beverages,  Most of the Dr.B's Items are " made to order type" Fresh with Low /NO sugars, low Carbohydrates and low salts.

Other Popular Branded products are also Store Fresh ( no out dated items) similarly Low /NO sugar and low Carbohydrates and low salts

We accept recurring orders to ship within US in 10 Business days  

Dr. Biswas's Nutritionals PLUS also fill Special orders : for  Vitamin and Supplements. They are  packaged fresh and  shipped directly from a well known Sponsor's  Manufacturing Facility.http://drbiswasnutritionalsplus.googlepages.com/drbiswas%27snutritionalsplusvitaminsandsup


Part of proceeds goes to Dr. Biswas's Family Charitable Foundation##.