Online Homoeopathic consultation and Treatment plan:

  • Please Read Our Terms and Conditions before deciding to have online consultation.
  • Once you decide to have an online consultation, send us your details regarding the basic problems you have and the treatments that you are on.

Given below are Plans for Non-Indian and Indian Residents. Each Plan offers 2 choices:

  • Consultation Plus Treatment Plan
  • Only Consultation Plan

It is advisable to opt for “Only Consultation Plan” only and only if there is a reliable homoeopathic pharmacist near your place from where genuine German homeopathic remedies could be purchased by you. This plan has been devised only to cut down on the courier time and charges. If one opts for this plan, the name and doses of the remedies to be taken would be communicated to you, but it is strictly advised to take them only for the duration indicated. If continued beyond the advised duration, it would be entirely at your own risk and could prove detrimental.


Payment Plans for Indian Residents (People Staying Within India)

Consultation Plus Treatment Plan:          Rs. 1200/- First Month

                                                        Rs. 1000/- Subsequent Months

Only Consultation Plan:                         Rs. 500/- First Month

                                                        Rs. 300/- Subsequent Months


Payment Plans for Non-Indian Residents (People Staying Outside India)


Only Consultation Plan:                      USD. 50$ /- for each consultation

Currently we are not able to send medicines out of India because of strict custom clearance so for patients staying outside India, we can only offer ‘Only Consultation Plan’.


How to pay?

For the convenience of people from different backgrounds, we have arranged different modes of payment methods. You can choose as per your choice and convenience.

  • PAYPAL (drbidani)
  • ICICI Bank Transfer (A/C No. – 017201503355)
  • HDFC Bank Transfer (A/C No. – 01551000027743)
  • Money Order
  • Demand Draft


You can site in your mail what is your convenient method of payment and pay accordingly.

The Payment has to be made in advance.

(We have made it very clear here itself about our charges and we ensure that no additional or hidden charges are applicable besides this.)