Panel of Doctors

Dr. Bidani’s Centre for Homoeopathy is comprised of a panel of highly skilled professionals for cracking difficult cases. This panel when presented with intractable cases goes down deep into the case to find out the root cause of the problem & decide highly innovative, customized treatment protocol according to the need of suffering individuals. Which most of the times involves one to one interaction with the patient through personal visit, phone, email or live chatting.

The panel comprises of specialized doctors in different fields (expert in different diseases) who have mastered in their respective fields. With their specialized knowledge they have immense potential to cure incurable diseases.


Dr. Sushil Bidani

A Senior Homoeopathic consultant with over 40 years of standing experience in Homoeopathic practice with expertise in curing difficult cases is helping people restore their health using homoeopathy. It is his goal to uncover the root cause of each patient’s unique illness and he is committed to supporting rather than suppressing the body’s innate ability to heal. He is having specialization in treating leucoderma (vitiligo), Cancer or tumor, Rheumatism or arthritis, Renal Calculi, Alopecia (Hair-falling) etc.


 Dr. Navneet Bidani

He did his Bachelors of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery (BHMS) from DS Homoeopathic Medical College, Pune. Highly skilled in treating the so called chronic-incurable diseases.  A respected teacher who is specialized in Homoeopathic repertorisation & case taking. His special area of interest is in treating paediatric & psychiatric disorders like depression, anxiety neurosis etc. Has appreciable number of cured cases to his credit.

He is an active member of South Delhi Homoeopathic Association, an internationally renowned homoeopathic association & is an editor of association’s bimonthly homoeopathic journal: SDHA Chronicle.


Dr. Neha Bidani

She did her Bachelors of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgey (BHMS) from Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College, New Delhi. She is one of the well known doctors specialized in the field of Homoeopathic Treatment in Gynaecology, women’s health issues, pregnancy, childbirth and infant care. She has expertise in treating chronic diseases in females that don’t respond to traditional system of medicine too well. Her successful Homoeopathic treatment of Gynecological cases has avoided many tedious surgeries. She also specializes in treating weight loss, anti-aging, and skin problems like acne (pimples), black heads, psoriasis, eczema, etc. Her nutritional focus is helping individuals improve their overall health, fitness and fat loss. She has created many of the highly innovative and customized nutrition plans. She has a special interest and experience in guiding overweight patients through a healthy weight reduction program focusing on optimal nutrition and exercise.