Frequently asked questions / Intrebari frecvente

 Comisia de Adjudecare a Disputelor solutioneaza disputele care apar intre Beneficiar si Inginer, in cadrul contractului de servicii?

In fiecare contract, de orice tip, exista prevederi referitoare la solutionarea disputelor care apar intre Partile contractante din acel contract. De regula in contractele de lucrari (de exemplu, contractele FIDIC 1999, dar si alte tipuri de contracte de lucrari) se prevede ca disputele dintre Parti (Beneficiar si Antreprenor) sa fie solutionate de Comisia de Adjudecare a Disputelor. In contractele de servicii exista, de asemenea, prevederi referitoare la solutionarea disputelor care apar intre partile contractante din acel contract. Daca in contractul de servicii se mentioneaza ca se va constitui o Comisie de Adjudecare a Disputelor, atunci acea comisie va solutiona disputele dintre Partile contractante din contractul de servicii (numite, de regula, Beneficiar si Inginer). 
Comisia de Adjudecare a Disputelor numita in contractul de lucrari nu solutioneaza conflictele/disputele care apar intre partile contractante din contractul de servicii. 


Cine plateste comisia de dispute?

Fiecare Parte contractanta plateste 50% din costurile totale ale comisiei de dispute.

 Does the Dispute Adjudication Board decide on the disputes between the Employer and the Engineer, in the services contract?

In each contract, of any type, there are provisions regarding solving the disputes occured in that contract. Usually, in the works contracts (for example, in FIDIC 1999 contracts, but also in other types of contracts) the disputes between Parties (Employer/Owner and Contractor) are foreseen to be solved by the Dispute Adjudication Board. In the services contracts exist, also, provision regarding the solving of the disputes between the Parties of that contract. In case in the services contract is foreseen that a Dispute Adjudication Board will be implemented, then that board will give decisions on the disputes occured between the Parties of the services contract (named, usually, Employer/Owner and Engineer).
The Dispute Adjudication Board implemented in the works contracts does not decide on disputes occured between the Parties of the services contract.

Who pays the Dispute Board?

Each Party in the Contract pays 50% of the total costs of the dispute board.