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Dr. Tanner and her Neurotherapy program has been a Godsend for my son.  He is a wonderful child but we had growing concerns for him as his ability to focus in normal, everyday situations was continuing to deteriorate, as he was getting older.  He was diagnosed with ADD and had been on medication for three years which helped somewhat; however, I saw medication as just a “band-aid” treating symptoms and I was more interested in doing something that would have lasting effects. 

The school psychologist told me about Neurotherapy and recommended that I begin research into this treatment.  I contacted Dr. Tanner and after talking with her I knew she was the right person to work with my son.   She is very easy to talk to and interacts beautifully with my son. 

It has been about six months since my son started his Neurotherapy sessions and he will be finishing in a few weeks.  There has been a drastic change in him and it is so exciting to watch him be able to control his focus so much better.  He has been medication free for three months and he continues to improve in his ability to focus on a daily basis. 

I would highly recommend Dr. Tanner’s Neurotherapy program to anyone who has a child who is struggling with focusing.  It has made a tremendous change in my son’s life and he will benefit from what he learned with Dr. Tanner for the rest of his life.

Dana Humbert

Chandler, Arizona


My son was just finishing 6th grade when we began working with Dr. Tanner.  He was working at a 4th grad level in math, science, and English.  He was working in the special education classroom for these subjects.  He was taking medications that the doctor had to keep increasing the dosage for it to continue to help. 

Now in the middle of 7th grade my son is completely off of medications, he is happier and he communicates better with us at home.  His teacher tells me that at the rate he is improving that he will be in the regular classroom and up to grade level in all subjects when he starts 8th grade.

Neurofeedback  has been like a miracle for my son.

Rita McGee              

Mesa, AZ

I was in a car wreck 20 years ago.  I have had pain in my neck and lower back ever since then.  I had developed constant pain in my legs.  I was so depressed with all this pain it was very hard to do anything.  Dr. Tanner used some oils to give me some relief right away.  Then she had me do food sensitivity testing and I had to take two foods out of my diet.  After three weeks not only had my leg pain gone away but my neck and low back pain was also gone.  I never thought I would be absolutely pain free again.   My depression is gone and I feel that I am in charge of my life again.

Thanks Dr. Tanner

Shirley Adams
Colorado Springs, CO

My daughter had chronic bladder infections.  She was on daily antibiotics from 18 months to 9 years old.  She went to visit her aunt who knew Dr. Tanner.  She talked me into letting her take my daughter to Dr. Tanner.  She had an LSA scan and was put on essential oils, herbs and a detox remedy.  She has not had an infection for 3 months. 

I cannot believe how much better she is doing on Dr. Tanner’s remedies.

Tara Schmidt   

Tempe, AZ


My Cody had was not acting very "Cody".  He was lethargic.  His right eye was very blood shot red.  He was getting hives or a rash on his left ear and on his neck.  He was just miserable.  I ran him across town to Dr. Tanner's.  She saw him the same day I called.  We got eye drops and Spice of Life essential oil along with a medium that would make it taste good to a 2 year old.  He had two treatments at the doctor's office, another treatment when we got home.  He went to bed and slept all night.  He got one more treatment in the morning, just in case, because he was already acting like Cody again.  He has been absolutely fine ever since. 
Cody's Dad, Colorado Springs, CO 


Regenerative Injection Therapy

Dr. Becky Tanner has greatly helped me to walk again, without surgery! The swelling in my legs is gone and I can walk pain-free.

My family physician gave me shots in the knees and the quickly wore off.  He did this three times and the shots didn’t help.  He recommended a surgeon give me more potent shots.

I scheduled an appointment with a surgeon who gave me a well-known brand of shots, three in each knee, once a week.  The injections failed to give me comfort and created more pain.

A chiropractor was proposed, but after a month of chiropractic treatments, he also failed to make my knees better.

Then Dr. Becky Tanner’s treatments were recommended—treatments that have been in use since ancient times.  Both the University of Arizona and Arizona State University Medical Schools are now instructing courses in Natural Treatments and Medications

I recommend her treatments: they are superior to other medical approaches.  Her therapy is outstanding, and highly successful.

Because of her, I won’t need knee-joint replacements!  Hooray for Dr. Tanner!


David G. Stewart

Mesa, Arizona


I had tennis elbow in my right elbow.  It was extremely painful to lift with that arm at all.  My doctor had given me cortisone shots which helped for about three months then the pain was back.  I wanted to have the elbow fixed not just have the pain go away for a short time.

I read about prolotheray, or as Dr. Tanner calls it regenerative injection therapy.  It seemed like it might help.  Dr. Tanner explained how it worked and I decided to give it a try.  After the first treatment the pain was incredibly better.  I still felt it once in a while, so we did a second treatment.  I am now completely pain free.

Todd Smith  

Mesa, AZ


Pain Behind Eye

I had terrible pain behind my eye.  I went to my doctor and he gave me pain meds.  They didn't help at all.  I then went to a neurologist and he gave me stronger pain meds.  These just took the edge off the pain.  I decided to try alternative medicine and went to Dr. Tanner.  during her interview she asked me a lot of questions.  She told me I needed to make a specific changes in my diet and she explained why that would help.  Within two weeks I was off of all my pain meds and I was completely pain free.
Lisa, Awatukee, AZ

Tennis Elbow

I had tennis elbow.  My doctor told me the only way to get relief was surgery.  I was playing golf with Dr. Tanner's husband and when he saw my discomfort he took me to see her.  She picked a couple of essential oils and rubbed them around my elbow.  The pain was gone immediately.  She asked me to try to recreate the pain and I could not do it.  I used these oils whenever I felt the pain return.  By the time the bottle was empty the pain was gone and it didn't return.
Ron, Eagle, ID