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Pain Management

There are many approaches to pain.

Most people associate pain with injuries. 
This is rarely the case for chronic pain.  If the body has all the tools it needs for healing it will take care of the problem and the pain goes away.  Chronic pain responds well to comprehensive naturopathic care.  Here are a few of the most common approaches used by me to alleviate pain.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a very powerful tool for feeding specific tissues causing pain.  Not all essential oils are the same.  Therapeutic essential oils are different from the ones used for aromatherapy or massage.  A naturopath educated about essential oils is the best source for therapeutic grade essential oils.

I was in terrible pain for several days and my wife made me go to see Dr. Tanner.  My neck hurt and back hurt.  Dr. Tanner spent about an hour with me.  She used essential oils on me and she did some type of body work.  When I went home I was able to get to sleep which I hadn't been able to do for several nights.  I had full range of motion.  I will go to Dr. Tanner much quicker next time.
Will, Colorado Springs, CO
Feed the cells

If cells do not have the nutrients they need to function they will cause pain.  A diet rich in vitamins, minerals, good fats and other nutrients is very important.  These great nutrients then need to be delivered to the cells.  There may be several different factors prohibiting this.


If the fluids surrounding the cells is full of toxins it is difficult for nutrients to get to the cells and to get wastes away fr
om the cells.


If the arteries are stiff or have plaque build up they will not deliver nutrients readily to the cells.  Special enzymes have been found to clean up the arteries and veins making it easier for them to function correctly.  (This is also an important tool for those with heart disease.)


Homeopathic medicine alerts the body to heal itself using very tiny doses to do the most powerful healing.

At 30 years old I injured my back playing basketball.  I went to a chiropractor without much luck.  He sent me to a surgeon.  He said an operation is not a guarantee.  Could I learn to live with the pain?  My family doctor gave me anti-inflammatories.  It was still a problem.  Dr. Tanner introduced me to homeopathy.  I took the three little pills under my tongue and in five minutes the pain was gone.  I have used maybe 5 vials in 8 years.  At 62 I still play basketball. 
Jack, Mesa, AZ
Side Effects

The wonder of all these tools are the side effects.  While working to cure the pain all these work in other parts of the body to bring it to optimal health.  They even work to cure conditions you don't even know you have yet.  No pharmaceuticals can make that claim!

Become pain free Now.

Accidents do Happen

Broken Bones

A broken bone need to be set and
immobilized by an MD.  Once this is done natural medicine can speed the healing process. Dr. Tanner uses a combination of nutritional supplements, Chinese herbs and homeopathy to treat broken bones.

I broke my tailbone and was in a lot of pain.  My doctor told me it would be weeks before I could move around at all. I had three children at home and a job I couldn't afford to miss.  I took the stuff Dr. Tanner gave me and I was able to walk around fairly well within seven days.  I was pretty much pain free by then.

Kendra, Benson, AZ

Cuts and scrapes

Dr. Tanner has developed a salve with natural herbs that is anti-bacterial and anti-viral. It has herbs that reduce pain. It also is able to reduce healing time.  She calls it Grandmother's Healing Salve
because her grandchildren were the first to use it.  They all keep a good supply of it handy.

I was climbing a tree.  I slid down the trunk and a limb scraped my front really bad.  It bled a lot.  My mother washed it then put a bunch of Grandmother's healing salve on it.  It made it feel better.  My mother's friend said she should have taken me to get stitches.  I'm glad we didn't.  Now there is just a tiny line that is really hard to find where the cut was.

Wyatt, Mescal, AZ

Sprains and Strains

Essential oils that feed the tissues injured will speed healing tremendously.  If they are used from the beginning the injury will heal quickly.  Often when a person doesn
't do anything for an injury and it keeps hanging on one application will finish the job.

I sprained my ankle while skateboarding.  I went to Dr. Tanner for another reason and she noticed I was limping.  She put a couple of drops on my ankle and rubbed it in.  The pain was gone and it didn't come back.
Nick, Mesa, AZ

Surgery Protocol

At times surgery may be necessary.  When this happens there is quite a bit that can be done to reduce the trauma and help the body to heal.  Dr. Tanner has a program that begins approximately one month before scheduled surgery and changes immediately before and after to meet the needs of the body to heal quickly.

This program is also used when cosmetic surgery is performed reducing the swelling and bruising associated with the surgery.