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Natural Appoach to Health

Naturopathic Medicine


A Naturopathic physician is unique healer with the medical background to diagnose and treat as a primary care physician, yet preferring a natural approach to wellness.  They offer a real choice in health care for all those that are becoming disillusioned by the current health care system prevalent today.  Believing prevention is the best medicine a naturopath will actively encourage patients to address lifestyle choices that will eventually lead to disease.  They will tell you a cure requires a patient feeling great after all treatment has been completed. 

  The philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine is to stimulate the body to heal itself.  The Vital Force, or that part of you that coordinates the way your body works as a whole, is very intelligent and will keep the body running in the most efficient manner possible with the materials with which it has to work.  It is important to learn why a symptom appears.  If you don’t address the cause of the symptom and just cover it up with medication, the vital force will find the next most efficient way for the body to run which may cause another, even more severe, symptom and eventually result in chronic disease.   

An example of this process is as follows:  When a baby is introduced to foods, one of them may cause sensitivities.  These sensitivities will produce a skin rash.  Often a steroid is applied to the rash and it will go away.  After suppressing this rash the symptoms of asthma will appear.  More medications will be taken to control the asthma.  By the time this baby is a young adult the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome will be present.  All of this could have been prevented by carefully introducing foods and identifying and eliminating the cause of the rash in the beginning.  When the Vital Force’s chosen healing reaction is successfully suppressed usually a less effective reaction is produced causing even less desirable symptoms.


Acute Disease and the Naturopathic approach.


Acute disease is a sign the body is trying to cleanse itself of an organism that may cause disease or toxins that could be harmful.  A naturopathic approach will support and stimulate the natural immune system, assist in the elimination of the harmful organism or toxin and make the environment in the body unfriendly for the unwanted organism. 

  The old adage of a common cold lasting 2 weeks or 14 days is no longer applicable.  Many people report having colds lasting 6 weeks or more.  These people will take medications to prevent coughs, running noses, and fevers.  Every one of these symptoms is the result of the body trying to rid itself of harmful substances.  If you do not suppress these symptoms, but support them and give the body extra vitamins, minerals and herbs to make sure all the building blocks for good health are available, your cold could be much shorter than 2 weeks and in the end you will actually be stronger and healthier than before you had the cold.  

Many organisms identified as the cause of colds or flu are actually found normally in and on the body.  They have just multiplied to a higher level than usual or have migrated to a different place than where they are normally found.  Allopathic medicine has researched and developed medication to kill these organisms, which has helped relieve the misery of illness.  These medications have also resulted in the mutation of many of these organisms developing super pathogens that do not respond to medications.  There are fewer and fewer antibiotics that are effective because of these mutations.  The natural approach makes the environment of the body unfriendly to the pathogens, they are not able to continue to multiply and thrive, so they leave.  The results for you are the same but no super pathogens are being developed.

  Responsible doctors will tell their patients when they suffer from an illness that will not respond to medications.  When this happens, you do not have to suffer with no help at all.  Natural supplements, herbs, and physical medicine will be able to strengthen the immune system and reduce the time of illness.  

Chronic disease does not have to be forever


Many of the chronic diseases can be cured if they have not progressed to the degeneration stage.  Some of those that have caused permanent damage can be managed in such a way that provides a chance for a full and rich life.

  The United States spends more money per capita for health care than any other country in the world.  In fact the country that is second spends about half as much as the US.  When comparing longevity the United States ranks number 29.  We have wonderful drugs and wonderful procedures that will make symptoms go away but will not increase the health of the people.  In fact many of these drugs and procedures are designed to extend life while decreasing the quality of that life.  Many of our elderly have five or more medications they take regularly.  After two or three medications, the other drugs are prescribed to address symptoms caused by the previously prescribed drugs.  There has to be a better approach!  

Treatments can have one of several results when taken.

  1. Cure—The symptoms go away and the patient feels better.  The treatment is discontinued and the patient enjoys good health.
  2. Suppression—The symptoms go away but the patient is not as strong.  They may feel more fatigued, have depression or just not feel as good as before.  The symptoms will not return when the drug is discontinued but the patient generally feels worse.  New and often more severe symptoms develop like asthma developing when eczema is suppressed.
  3. Palliation—The symptoms improve only as long as the treatment or medication is taken.  It may be appropriate to do something palliative while another curative treatment is given time to work.  Palliation will never lead to a cure but it can lead to suppression if done long enough.
  The cure for chronic disease takes time.  There are several steps that need to be taken.  First the cause of the disease needs to be identified and removed.  Next a healthy regimen should be established.  The self healing mechanisms need to be stimulated.  Finally the weakened and damaged systems are supported. Often a lifestyle change is necessary to eliminate blocks to a cure, to provide the essential nutrients for good health and foster elimination of wastes.   

A healthy lifestyle includes the following:

  • Eating natural unrefined foods
  • Getting sufficient exercise and rest
  • Living a moderately paced lifestyle
  • Having positive and creative attitudes toward self and the world
  • Avoiding toxins and pollutants
  • Maintaining proper elimination
  Your naturopathic physician can help you identify lifestyle changes that will be beneficial to you.  They can diagnose illness using all the conventional laboratory testing, imaging techniques and physical exams along with holistic evaluation techniques.  They are truly primary care physicians.  Among the many treatment options available through a naturopathic physician are counseling, lifestyle, nutritional and psychological; natural medicines, nutritional supplements, botanical or herb medicine and homeopathy; physical medicine, hydrotherapy, naturopathic manipulative therapy, physiotherapy, exercise therapy and acupuncture; family practice, natural childbirth, minor surgery, natural hormones and natural antibiotics.  

The natural approach to wellness will lead to increased health and longevity.