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Hope for Autism

Hope for Autism Epidemic


Autism is a syndrome of early childhood that is characterized by a profound failure to develop social relationships, impaired language and communication and compulsive rituals.  There is a wide range of severity to autism.  One of the most disturbing aspects of autism is the increased frequency of diagnosis.  Twenty years ago children with these symptoms were about one in every thousand.  Presently in some geographic areas autism is found in as many as one in every fifty children.  It seems the national average is now somewhere around one in every 100 – 150 children. 


It is generally understood that this syndrome has no cure.  Although notable people believed to have autism are able function well in society for the most part the prognosis is bleak for an autistic child.  New therapies for autism are producing dramatic results in a short amount of time.  A couple of examples come from one family.


A happy baby of eight months was given scheduled vaccinations and immediately became unresponsive.  She no longer smiled or responded in any way to stimulation of light, sound or touch. In fact her muscles became totally lax and she was not even able to lift her head.  She was taken to a doctor using a new drainage protocol within a week of developing symptoms.  At the end of two months she had made a full recovery and was the happy baby she had been before.  Her development has continued as expected for a normal healthy baby.


This baby’s brother had developed severe autism five years earlier.  He was unable to communicate verbally and displayed disturbing behaviors that could cause physical harm to him.  With the quick response his sister made to this protocol he was started on it right away.  Within one month he was beginning to form words for the first time in five years.  In three months he was able to put these words into simple sentences.  His self destructive behavior stopped.  He continues to show steady improvement in all areas of concern.


No one knows the exact cause of autism.  Some say it is a birth defect, others say it is hereditary, many claim a direct correlation to the MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccine given to children.  There are arguments for and against each of these theories.  If it is a birth defect why are some of the children perfectly fine until 18 months to 3 years then suddenly developing the symptoms?  If it is hereditary why hasn’t the gene causing the problem been identified?  Many parents of autistic children became livid when their child developed autism soon after vaccination, but if it is the MMR vaccine is the cause, why don’t all children receiving the vaccine become autistic?  And WHY is autism so much more prevalent now than it was 20 years ago.  There are many more questions than there answers.


One theory is that these children have difficulty removing toxins from their body and their brains.  Children are exposed to toxins at a high frequency and their bodies are unable to clean the toxins out.  For example, as the mercury preservative in the MMR vaccine, some antibiotics and flu shots is injected into the body it is able to lodge itself in the tissues and remain there despite the efforts of the body to detoxify.  Mercury is a powerful neurotoxin that interrupts the proper function of the nerves.  This can account for all of the symptoms prevalent with autism.


Another theory blames the introduction of genetically modified foods into the general food supply.  The dramatic increase in the incidence of autism correlates with the introduction of these foods into the mainstream food supply.  Only one independent feeding research trial has been conducted on genetically modified foods.  It produced many grave results affecting the overall health of the adults and the growth and development of the young.  The power of big money and politics has prevented any other independent follow-up studies from being conducted.  This is a serious health risk.


For some a clean diet will improve symptoms.  It is vitally important to make sure all the building blocks are available for the proper function of the body.   The best way to do this is with a diet of fresh, whole foods.  Organic foods will have better nutrient value and are less likely to be adulterated by genetically modified foods.  Many of these children have digestion and absorption problems that interfere with the ability to assimilate nutrients even if they are eating a good diet.  These children need an opportunity to heal the gut.  This is done by identifying and removing food sensitivities, using digestive enzymes to facilitate proper digestion, using anti-inflammatory products targeted for the gut and feeding the cells the amino acids they need to thrive.  Most of the time once this process has been completed many of the foods removed from the diet can be reintroduced successfully.


Unfortunately many children with autism experience seizure activity as they enter puberty.  These seizures may cause further damage and lower the quality of their life even more.  Neurofeedback is a process of training the brain waves that has proven to eliminate and prevent seizure activity.  This process is non-invasive and painless.  The child plays a simple game on the computer screen and the brain wave patterns are modified to be resistant to seizures.


The best new hope is found in research coming out of Germany.  They have developed products that assist in the drainage or removal of toxins at the cellular level.   These products clean up the fluids that bathe each cell making it easier for good communication from cell to cell.  When this fluid is cleaned up the toxins are released from the cells more readily.  The end result is healthier cells which creates better functioning systems. 


The results are very hopeful.  Some Doctors are even using the word cure when talking about the therapy and the results with their patients.  This therapy is also non-invasive and happily it involves products that are inexpensive.  The drainage products cost from $50 to $150 a month.  Using modern technology products are tested against the patient to determine which will be the most beneficial at the moment.  Eventually total detoxifying drainage is affected throughout the body including the brain.


Children that are brought to doctors using this protocol at the onset of symptoms are reported to overcome this tragic syndrome within a few months.  Others that have suffered for years with autism show marked improvement three to six months into the protocol with steady improvement continuing.  This protocol includes healing the gut, providing comprehensive supplementation, opening the channels of elimination and using drainage remedies to move toxins out of the body. 


The basic channels of elimination are the skin, the lungs, the bowels, the kidneys and the liver.  These pathways must be open so toxins can be quickly eliminated when they are moved away from the tissues.   Simple practices like dry skin brushing, breathing exercises, drinking plenty of water and frequent bowel elimination keeps these paths working efficiently.


More exciting news is the children that are recovering from autism are testing with higher intelligence scores than thought possible.  They are also able to demonstrate that although they were unable to communicate well, they were very aware of what was going on around them.  They know the people that were kind, loving and helpful to them and those that were not.  It is wonderful to know these children are not all lost but may have a chance to live happy, full and productive lives.