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A Five Prong Solution for Fibromyalgia

Finally a protocol to successfully address the many causes of fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia commonly has the following symptom picture: Poor sleep, brain fog or difficulty with short term memory, concentration and word finding, exhaustion after minimal exertion, recurrent or persistent infections or flu-like feelings, and widespread pain and achiness.  Until very recently it has been considered an incurable disease.  There can be a cure but it is often a long process and multiple issues need to be addressed.  A comprehensive approach to the cure of fibromyalgia must include addressing the following five issues.


You need seven to nine hours of deep restful sleep or you will feel pain.  People that wake repeatedly or are shifting positions to find better comfort are not usually able to get to the stage 3 and 4 sleep cycles to get the rest they need.  Although a fibromyalgia patient may be sleeping for twelve hours at a time they are probably not getting the restorative sleep they need.   

Addressing sleep issues starts with good sleep hygiene.  This includes eliminating practices and environmental factors that interfere with a calm restful atmosphere for sleeping.  Components for encouraging good sleep like appropriate exercise early in the day, and routines that foster relaxation are added to the program.  There are many natural remedies like herbs and minerals that may be used to help with sleep.  People react differently to these remedies so each combination needs to be designed for the individual patient.  Many respond well to these remedies for only a short time so a plan of rotating remedies is developed. 


Attention is paid to nutrition of the body as a whole and nutrition of the individual cells.  A diet that provides the nutrients necessary for good health must be achieved.  The gut must be addressed to make sure proper digestion and assimilation of foods is possible.  Usually a good multivitamin/mineral is supplemented to meet basic nutritional needs.  When this is accomplished the body should be able to function better.  Unfortunately there are many multivitamins available that are not the quality necessary to meet the nutritional needs we have.  Buy one from your naturopath or natural health care professional to guarantee a good quality product.  IV nutrients can be very helpful to get nutrients to the cells and bypassing the gut until a better diet and better digestion are achieved.

When muscle cells do not have the energy they need to work they become painful.  Surprisingly, it takes more energy for muscles to lengthen than it takes for them to contract.  When they are energy deficient, muscles will cramp and painful trigger points develop.  D-Ribose is a special cellular nutrient that helps in the production of energy.  This nutrient is being used to assist athletes to recover from the stress of training and competition.  It is also being used for heart patients to assist the heart to beat more efficiently.  We are seeing it help tremendously to relieve pain for the fibromyalgia patient.


The adrenal glands direct the immune system and deals with stress.  If they are underactive you experience fatigue, recurrent infections, allergies, and a poor ability to cope with stress.  The thyroid gland slows or speeds up your metabolism.  If it is under-active you experience fatigue, aches, weight gain, and poor mental functioning.  If testosterone or estrogen is low you may feel tired, achy, depressed, weak or moody.

Determining the state of these organs includes testing and a good symptom picture.  Saliva testing is much more accurate than blood tests.  Your naturopathic physician will be able to obtain the kits and interpret the results for your saliva testing.


There are dozens of infections associated with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.  Most of them fit into the following categories; yeast or fungal infections, parasites, antibiotic-sensitive infections, and viral infections.  The body’s immune system begins to malfunction and recurrent infections of various types occur.  Often these are treated with repeated courses of antibiotics.  All these antibiotics contribute to a chronic yeast overgrowth.  One in six fibromyalgia patients have bowel parasites.  Some patients are able to recover within two weeks after treatment for bowel parasites.


Everyone is constantly exposed to toxins.  Some people are able to process toxins and remove them from their body while other just cannot do an adequate job with the high levels we deal with today.  When toxins become embedded in the tissues and the cells many serious conditions appear.  A simple annual detox is sufficient for many people.  For others these toxins must be forced out more vigorously.  Drainage remedies that clean up the fluid that bathes each cell and clears the toxins form within the cells are often needed for the fibromyalgia patient.   

The Process

Fibromyalgia did not develop overnight and it will not resolve overnight either.  The process is much like peeling an onion.  When one aspect of the disease is resolved often other contributors to the problem will make themselves known.   Each layer is addressed as it arises.

As the treatment proceeds a number of products may need.  Once good health is achieved these products will be slowly discontinued.  The goal is to have great health naturally without the need for a great number of supplements.  Most patients can finish treatment with a healthy diet and a good multivitamin/mineral supplement.  Sometimes a supplement for increased cellular energy becomes long term.  In most cases all other products are successfully discontinued by the end of treatment and the patient feels great.