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Menopause is not a disease.

Menopause is a natural change from one stage of life to another.  It can be the beginning of the best part of your life.  You

will have less family obligations and more time to learn new things, become adventurous and enjoy life to the fullest

Dr. Tanner helps you through the process so you have a minimum of symptoms and she will monitor your health to keep you in the best health possible so you will have the time, energy and desire to do  the fun things in life as you age.  The naturopathic philosophy is to keep you healthy and active clear to the end of life.  Care should be taken so some of the hidden diseases, like osteoporosis,  do not surprise you later on.  A regular testing schedule devised by Dr. Tanner will help you address problems before they become serious.

You will have the opportunity to make an informed decision about your health in this area.  Some women will fly through menopause with minimal symptoms and want  a few herbs to help them by.  Some will also have an easy time through menopause yet want the anti-aging benefits of bio-identical hormones for the rest of their lives.  These women and all those in between, will know the risks and benefits of their choices and be supported in their decisions.

Other Diseases Associated with Menopause


There is a wide variety of characteristics, history and genetics that may influence your risk factors to fracture a bone.  It is best to have Dr. Tanner inform you about the risk factors that apply to you and get the recommended studies done to make sure you do not develop osteoporosis.  It is much easier to avoid osteoporosis than it is to reverse osteoporosis.  With testing you will be able to address the problem
before you become high risk for fractures.    

Low risk treatment for osteoporosis may include diet, exercise suggestions and minimal supplementation.  High risk treatment plans will include more intense and targeted supplementation and hormone replacement.


The best protection against cancer is a stong healthy immune system.  Patients are educated about the lifestyle factors that contribute to strengthening the immune system.  They are then encouraged to make the proper decisions and are supported in their journey.

The synthetic estrogens women have been prescribed for years have been proven to increase the likelihood of uterine and breast cancer.  The new bio-identical hormones may be much safer.  They are identical to the hormones produced naturally in your body so they do not seem to cause the same problems.  Testing results for these hormones are very good, some even show these hormones to be cancer protective. 

With all that said, regular screening should be conducted to catch any cancer in the early most treatable stages.

Cardiovascular disease

It is popularly believed that the risk for a cardiovascular event increases when women reach menopause.  While this is true it isn't
as sudden as believed before.  Actually the increase in risk is a steady line from youth to old age. 

Proper total health care is preventative for cardiovascular disease.  While cholesterol levels are monitored for prevention of cardiovascular disease it is not the only marker that needs to be watched.  One huge contributor to this disease process is systemic inflammation.  Markers that indicated inflammation levles are very valuable to alert to risks and to direct preventative treatment.

The synthetic estrogens prescribed in the past caused the blood to clot much more than it should causing an increase in heart attacks.  The bio-identical hormones do not seem to increase this risk.  Testosterone has in fact seen to reverse arteriosclerosis .