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Live Longer and Be Stronger

Anti-Aging Medicine is all about providing your body the tools it needs to perform at its best.  During youth we often choose lifestyles that are not very healthy and get away with it.  These choices will make a difference down the road.  When you begin to feel more fatigue and you start experiencing memory lapses many will say this is just the results of aging.

The symptoms of aging result from the body's needs not being met.

These are signs that your body needs tools to repair and rejuvenate.  This may be as easy as eating a good diet with organic free range foods and sleeping better.  There may be a need to supplement vitamins, minerals and amino acids in a more balanced way.  Or you may need to balance hormones to meet your body's needs.  All of this is easily done when you work with a knowledgeable naturopathic physician.

My philosophy is to keep each person at their peak health as long as possible.  They can be independent, active and involved clear to the end of a long life.  Long term assisted care facilities are rarely needed when an anti-aging program is followed early on.

Take control of your life now and enjoy great health for many years to come.

Eight Links to Longevity


1. Brain

    emory loss, mood swings, depression, sleep, the brain must be healthy and active for us   to enjoy a long life.

2. Immune System

  • As we age we get sick more often, it takes longer for us to feel well and once we are over it we still do not have the same sense of wellbeing we had before the illness.  Strengthening the immune system helps us to avoid both acute and chronic conditions.

3. Cardiovascular System

  • Heart attack is the number one killer among both men and women.  Cholesterol levels alone do not give us the best indicator for risk.  Preventative medicine monitors cardiac markers.  The longevity program prevents and often reverses cardiovascular problems.

4. Metabolism

  • Digestion, absorption and utilization of nutrients and balance of sugars all must be kept in top shape.

5. Bones and Muscle

  • Wasting of both bone and muscle is common as we age.  These must be kept strong to enable us to remain active and involved in life.

6. Hormones

    • Balancing hormones is often the key to reversing the signs of aging and helping people enjoy life to the fullest.

7. Sleep

      eep is necessary to think clearly and function at peak levels.  An important part of an anti-aging program.


8. Detoxification

    If you eat the food, drink the water or breathe the air on our planet you are ingesting toxins.  Periodic cleansing is required for great health.


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