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 Ienna's Catalog: The catalog of Ahnoui's sister Ienna. Ahnoui no longer sells armor so if you are seeking armor, visit Ienna!

Armor Catalog: This catalog is still kept as a reference for others. Please be aware I no longer currently sell anything listed on it except croc bucklers and gweths.

I am starting to do auctions for people. You may contact me if interested. I no longer sell weapons or armor. I no longer do item searches,  help people price items, or any other service other than occassionaly hosting auctions or charity auctions. Try asking another trader, many are willing to help! See below for links to catalogs to help you do this yourself!

Armor Info: New - Advice I frequently give/post about armor in one place. Will continue to expand and add links to make it a more complete reference. 

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Don't Forget you can also list/post on the DRForums under Surving in Elanthia: Raffles & Auctions and Items for Sale!

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