Saliha Bava's 2009-2010 Research Home

Welcome! I am on a sabbatical in NYC developing my conceptual ideas on performance and performative practices. I am exploring various thinkers and practitioners who use such notions in their practice. This space is my public space for sharing my developing ideas. I'll explore these ideas not only as "theoretical" notions that are practical but also apply them to everyday living of our relational identity/relationships, trauma/resiliency and leadership/organization (community) contexts. As diverse as these three content areas may seem, they are the spaces I occupy or have occupied in my professional practice. But more so, all these contexts are spaces of "becoming". I view all these areas as relational spaces where we are performing the various discourses that shape how we function (play) and who we are becoming. Thus our performance is not a role prescription but rather a communal play (functionality) of  how we linguistically institute these spaces and embody these socio-linguistically constructed beliefs, (at times unreflexivly).
It is in the between spaces of these content areas that I am playing with the notion of performance. Drawing on Turner I view these as liminal spaces for meaning making and construction of my own performance. As I professionally and personally locate myself in these in-between spaces, as a theorist, coach, helper, therapist, partner, daughter, sister, person etc, i am creating these discourses just as I'm being shaped by them...You can read more about these "projects" that I am currently working on as processes, products and playgrounds for this discursive production. Plus I view (my own) life as a performative bricolage...more on that as i create my sense about how to be public about the personal, create a collective of the personal and bring the personal into the collective playground....
The thinkers I'm exploring are:
Judith Butler: Creator of Gender Performativity
Richard Schechner: Professor of Performance Studies at the Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
Fred Newman & Lois Holzman: Cofounders of the East Side Institute for Group and Short Term Psychotherapy and Holzman is the Institute's current director
J. L. Austin: Founder of Speech Act theory with Searle
Norm Denzin: Performative Ethnography
Erving Goffman: An American-based Canadian sociologist's contribution to social theory  and symbolic interaction in the form of dramaturgical perspective that began with his 1956 book The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life and was developed throughout his life expanding to the topics of deference and demeanor.