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The Book:


"....Understanding medicine is not difficult, understanding people can be very challenging and it is here that I endeavour to clarify and make your road smoother. We may not be perfect but we can still make an attempt to be awake. Only on awaking you will recognize, know and understand. If this is what you want then please continue to read otherwise you can remain asleep...."


  • HOMEOPATHY is a science that treats man, the centre of whom is his mind. It entails a method of psycoanalysis, which brings to surface the feelings, emotions and behaviour of the patient, prior to prescription.


  • COGNITIVE BEHAVIOUR HYPNOTHERAPY is about conceptualising emotional disturbance and influencing the effectiveness of a process of change from unhealthy negative emotions to the healthy, with the aid of hypnosis, hence getting rid of unwanted habits, phobias or fears.


  • METAPHYSICAL HEALING is the practice of spiritual mind healing through the medium of universal consciousness existing in the unconscious energy factors of all things. MH will detox and energize as necessary.


  • DANCE MOVEMENT PSYCOTHERAPY allows the release of withheld nervous tension or suppressed emotion. DMP provides an opportunity for you to freely express.


  • AURICULAR ACUPUNCTURE rebalances the body's endocrine and immune systems. It strengthens vital organs, gastro-intestinal and cardio-vascular functions. It is of significant value in stress management, alcohol and drug rehabilitation.


  • COSMETIC ACUPUNCTURE helps to counter premature ageing, wrinkles, sagging skin, acne and many other beauty problems. It regenerates the body on a cellular level ensuring health and vitality with refined complexion and youthful looks.


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DCHyp PDCBHyp MBSCH Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy
AAcCADR CAcC MAcS Auricular & Cosmetic Acupuncture
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