Curriculum –Vitae of Dr. Aziz Ibrahim Abdulla


Personal Information


Date of Birth   : 1 th July 1973

Address :         : Prof. Dr. Aziz Ibrahim Abdulla

                  E-mail               :lan914@gmail.com


Professional Qualifications


1-B.Sc. in Civil Eng. Dept from Tikrit University in 1995, 4th Position

2- M.Sc. in Structural Dept. from Tikrit University in 1998.

3-ICDL (International Computer Driving Licenece ) from Oman (Jordan) in 2005.

4-Ph.D. in Structural Dept. from University of Technology in 2007.

5-Assit. Prof. degree in 5-Aug.- 2007

6-College of Eng. Dean Assist. For scientific affairs and post graduate  in 9-11-2010.

7-Head of Environment Eng.  Dept. in 19-2-2012.

8- Received a patent in concrete additives in 07/13/2012.

9-Research work in UM/Malaysia from 01/10/2012.

10-Prof. degree in 8-Sep.-2013.


Key Qualification


-Fifteenth  years experience of design and detailing of building structures in Cosulting Bureau University of Tikrit.

-supervision of many building in Tikrit University.

-Eleven Years teaching in the civil Eng. Dept.

-Chief of consulting engineering team for many building in Institute of oil training in Baiji city.


Professional Specialization

- Structural Analysis, Design and detailing of Structures related to Building.

-Teaching  Computer materials, R.C. Design and Advance Mathematics.

-Teaching Structural Dynamic for post graduate student in civil engineering Dept.

-Teaching  Finite Element  for post graduate student in civil engineering Dept.

-Teaching  Numerical analysis  for post graduate student in civil engineering Dept.

-teaching theory of  plasticity for post graduate student in civil engineering Dept.


Computer Proficiency:-  STAAD.Pro, AutoCAD, MS office.


Countries Visited: Jordan, KSA, Syria, Lebanon, Malaysia, Turkey, and Singapore.

Present Job:

Job Period                         : Lecturer from 1999 to till date in Tikrit University.

Designation            : Prof.                

Projects                 : Many Building in many places in Iraq.

Personnel Profile:


Prof. Dr. Aziz I. Abdulla



Date of Birth

1st July 1973



Marital Status




Passport No.


E- mail


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 (Aziz Ibrahim Abdulla)



Theses Title






1- Qeshta, I. M., Shafigh, P., Jumaat, M. Z., Abdulla, A. I., Ibrahim, Z., & Alengaram, U. J. (2014). The use of wire mesh–epoxy composite for enhancing the flexural performance of concrete beamsMaterials & Design60, 250-259.

2- Abdulla, A. I., & Khatab, H. R. (2014). Behavior of Multilayer Composite Ferrocement Slabs with Intermediate Rubberized Cement Mortar Layer. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 1-13.

3-Hassan, A., Mahmud, H. B., Jumaat, M., ALsubari, B., & Abdulla, A. (2013). Effect of Magnesium Sulphate on Self-Compacting Concrete Containing Supplementary Cementitious MaterialsAdvances in Materials Science and Engineering2013.



Scopus Articles

1-Qeshta, I. M., Shafigh, P., Jumaat, M. Z., Abdulla, A. I., Alengaram, U. J., & Ibrahim, Z. (2014, August). Flexural Behaviour of Concrete Beams Bonded with Wire Mesh-Epoxy Composite. In Applied Mechanics and Materials (Vol. 567, pp. 411-416).




1- Elastic Analysis of Skew Reinforced Concrete Ribbed Slab.Tikrit J. For Eng. & Science,Vol.7, No.2, Sep. 2000.


2- New Rhomboid Grid Model For Skew Plates in Flexure, Tikrit Journal for Eng. & Sciences, No.10, Vo.l, Mar. 2003.


3-Enhancement of Sawdust Concrete Resistance to The Insects, Tikrit Journal for Eng. & Sciences, Vol.12, No.1, Mar. 2005.


4-Age-Adjusted Effective Modulus Model to Evaluate Long Term Effects in Steel-Concrete Composite Beams. Tikrit Journal for Eng. & Sciences, Vol.12, No.3, August 2005.


5- Using Solid Detergent as Economic Material and Environmentally Friendly Method Toward Lightweight, Slow Action and Anti Acid Concrete. Tikrit Journal for Eng. & Sciences,Vol.15, No.1, Mar. 2008.


6- Aziz I. Abdulla, Salwa H. Ahmed, Cement Mortar Properties Contain Crumb Rubber Treated With Alkaline Materials. Canadian Center for Science and Education, Journal of  Modern Applied Science, Vol. 4, No. 12, December 2010.


7-Maha I. Al-Ali, Aziz I. Abdullah, Abdulqahar M. Mohammad, Kutaiba I Al-Ali, Estimating and Modeling the Interrelationships between Physicochemical Pollutants of Samara Drug Factory Wastewater, European Journal of Scientific Research, Vol.61 No.2 (2011), pp. 230-241.


8-Aziz I. Abdulla, Salwa H. Ahmed, Effect of Rubber Treated by Acidic Solution on Some Mechanical Properties of Rubberize Cement Mortar, Engineering and Technology Journal, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq.Vol.29, No.13-2011.

9-Aziz I. Abdulla, Alyaa A. Ali Al-Attar,Ahmed Adnan Ghanee Mechanical Properties and Dynamic Response of Lightweight Reinforced Concrete Beams, Engineering and Technology Journal, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq, Vol. 30, No.2, 2012.

10-Aziz I. Abdulla, Fadwa, D. , “Effect of Re-Use of Porcelain Wastes to The Compressive Strength of Cement Mortars, International Review of Civil Engineering - January 2012,Vol. 3,  No. 1.

11- Aziz I. Abdulla, Haifa M. S.,  “Lightweight Cement Mortar Using Treated Porcelinite, International Review of Civil Engineering - January 2012 ,Vol. 3,  No. 1.

12- Abdulla, A.I., “Acidic Attack Resistance of Lightweight Concrete with SF”, Journal of Engineering and Development, Vol. 17, No.2, June 2013, pp.1-21.

13-Aziz I. Abdulla,Yassen Ali Salih, Hafi Mahdi,Properties of   Ferrocement Slabs Containing Sawdust , Tikrit Journal of Engineering Science,  Vo.20, No.1, 2013.

14-Aziz I. Abdulla, Muitaz Ibraheem Ali " Flexural Behavior of Concrete Beam Strengthening by Steel Strand Under Static and Dynamic Loads " A Acceptance for publishing in Tikrit Journal of Engineering Science.

15-Aziz I. Abdulla, Salwa H. Ahmed Production Hollow Ferrocement Beams Through Solid Waste Recyclin, Acceptance for publishing in Tikrit Journal of Engineering Science.



Supervisor for the following theses


1-Ahmed Adana Gheni, " Mechanical Properties And Dynamic Response Of Lightweight Reinforced Concrete Beams", M.Sc. Thesis, College Of Engineering, Civil Eng. Dept.,Tikrirt University, Feb-2010.

2-Halkoot Jehad, "Behavior of Reinforced Double Layer Concrete Beams Under Static and Dynamic Loads",M.Sc. thesis, College Of Engineering, Civil Eng. Dept.,Tikrirt University, 2012.

3-Hadeel Reyad, " Behavior of ferrocement slabs contains intermediate layer of crumb waste rubber tires mortar ", M.Sc. thesis, College Of Engineering, Civil Eng. Dept.,Tikrirt University, 2012.

4-Moataz Ibrahim Ali “Experimental Study for the Behavior of Strengthened  Reinforced R.C. Beams Under static and Dynamic Loads”, M.Sc. thesis, College Of Engineering, Civil Eng. Dept.,Tikrirt University, 2012.

5-Safa’a Ibrahim Ali, “Behavior of RC beam reinforcing by steel rope”, M.Sc. thesis, College of Engineering, Civil Eng. Dept., TikritUniversity, 2014.


Books Title

1-Hasain, M. H., Abdulla, Aziz I. “Analysis of skew ribbed bridge decks by grillage methods”, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (March 14, 2012, USA), 152 pages.

2-Abdulla, Aziz I.Analysis of Composite Concrete Beam -Slab System Under Dynamic Loads LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (October 17, 2011, USA), 164 pages.

3-Abdulla, Aziz I., “Construction Materials”, Percetakan Wing Lim SDN BHD, April 2013, Malaysia, 97 pages.


1- الملتقى العربي الثالث للتربية والتعليم "التعليم والتنمية المستدامة في الوطن العربي" للفترة 26-28 ربيع الأول 1427هـ الموافق 24-26 أبريل 2006 في فندق فينسيا انتركونتننتال. بيروت لبنان.

2-The International conf. on materials in Jordan, Amman Jordan, 9-11-April-2011.

3-Third Engineering Conf. for College of Engineering, University of Tikrit, Tikrit Iraq ,11-12, Dec, 2012.



1-Using Constructions waste in concrete,17-5-2011, College of Eng., Tikrit University.

2-Sawdust and Rubberize concrete, Research Centers, University of Tikrit, 26-12-2011.

3-Impact factor, Faculty of Engineering, Tikrit University, 14-1-2014.

4-Impact factor and EndNote Programe, Alkawarzmy hall, 19-3-2014.

5-Select Journal and Write paper, Dr. Husain M. Husain Hall, 8-4-2014.

6-TurnitIn Program, Ibrahim Aldoury Hall, College of Education, 12-5-2014.



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