Draw4U was created in 2007 by its founder to provide professional services instrumental in bringing about the realisation of solutions to problems commonly encountered by companies associated with engineering. With over 37 years in industry, predominantly design, the company can also provide engineering expertise in procurement as well. From concept to finished goods supply, Draw4U can help your business.

Although drawing by hand seems strictly unfashionable these days, the fact that such a capability exists, allied with good engineering principles initiated through Grammar School and an Engineering Apprenticeship, means that the founder still takes a pleasure in his job of choice. However, those principles lend themselves well to achieving optimum utilisation of all that a CAD package can offer. Many design suites have been used, but currently packages available at our base are AutoCAD, Hewlett Packard ME10 and GoCreate One Space Design (3D).

We are located centrally in Kettering, Northamptonshire and willing to commute where necessary.
In August 2011 the founder moved on to pastures new and the company lost a key member. However, this does not signify the end of the Draw4U, in these economic times it gives us strength. We hope our lost is the appreciated gain that he certainly should be.