dr*audio's Barter Page (Wanted: Marantz 19 Receiver)


What's it all about ? Well it's about time I got myself a Marantz 19 Receiver. Here's the deal: inspired by the Red Paperclip guy, who started with a red paperclip and kept trading until he got a house, I am starting with a Yamaha T-7 Tuner, and intend to keep trading until I get a Marantz 19 Receiver.

About the Yamaha T-7 Tuner:

This is great analog tuner, with presets. It's in excellent condition. I have given it a complete alignment, installed a proper 75 ohm antenna connector, and bypassed the balun transformer to improve sensitivity, per the Tuner Information Center. You can read a review of this tuner on their website:

Tuner Information Center 

                                                                                             Here's a photo of my T-7:

 What I would like to do is trade this tuner for any piece of audio equipment that either interests me or I think would interest someone else. It doesn't have to be working. Of course, non-working equipment would need to have considerable value when I do get it working.

I am also open to trading repair work for a Marantz 19 Receiver. The Model 19 doesn't have to be working but the scope must work and it has to be in good cosmetic condition, with no major scratches on the front panel.

Here's how to play: contact me at draudio56@ihatespamgmail.com  (Delete Ihatespam.)