My Gallery - LRC

Some of my photos in LRC opening ceremony 

 From right to left 

in the front me, Prof. Dr. Abdel Hameed AlZoheery (LRC Director), Ahmad Alhanafy (Plastic Surgery resident and 3D designer), Ahmad Shaarawy (Ophthalmology resident and Flash designer ) , Mohamad Kasem, Hatem Hosny.

in  the middle; Shahenaz, Dr. Nadeen Barssom, Feryal, Reda, Obay.

back; Islam Aamer, Dr. Raaef, Mostafa.

ME (Mohamad Mostafa AlSayed Alasmar), opening the LRC as a minister of health in 2027 GOD willing.

from right to left

A. Samir, me, A. AlHnafy, Obay, A. Shaarawy, Feryal, Shahenaz, Islam, M. Kasem, Hatem, SASA, Mr. Zien

Mostafa, Mr. Zien, Obay, me, Ahmad AlHanafy