My Gallery - Prof. Dr. Khairy

these are some of my pictures with Dr. Hussien Khairy and his students 

me, us and Hussien Khairy



Dr. Hussien Khairy lighting the candles.



Watching the candles !


Dr Hussien with his students including me.



Dr. Hussien with his students of the last row in lecture hall 6

from right th left Mohamad Ali, me, Dr.Hussien, Ahmad Shabana, Khaled AlDahshan, 

Obay in the front and Shimaa Atia Appears in the right



 Samer, Usama ElGameel, Khaled AlDahshan, Dr.Hussien, Mohamad Ali, Ahmad Shabana,

Nabeeh, Ibraheem and me in the front



me and Mohamad Ali 

Prof. Dr. Hussien with us after the MRI seminar


 Persentatioin team with Dr. Hussien

Usama ElGameel, Ahmad Shabana, Dr. Hussien, Mohamad Ali, me and Abeer