My Gallery - faculty

Some of my photos in the faculty in 5th year 

 in the middle  Dr. Mahmoud Salem

from right to left ;  Ahmad Farouk, Ahmad Shata,  Islam Amer, Ahmad Samir, me, Mostafa

in the front Nabil Sabry and Obay.



me and the microphone

Obay. Ahmad Samir and me after a conference in 5th year.

me and the famous tree.

me and the famous Nafoora.

me only.

me and Kasr Alainy forums website


 me at Gynecology museum photographing GY-OB jars

me at Anatomy museum photographing jars 

Obay sleeping, Nabil, me and Islam.

previously mentiond medfriends team.

Hahem Hosny, Nabil Sabry (Above the jars), me and Obay with gynecology jar !