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Who am I ?


      Mohamad Mostafa Alasmar

Date of Birth

      2nd of May 1982


  • General Surgery resident in Ahmed Maher Teaching Hospital. 
  • General Practitioner at primary health care sector in ministry of health and population ,Egypt. (March 2007 - May 2008)
  • Previously House Officer, Kasralainy Hospitals (2006-2007).
  • Previously Contributing in Web Administration and Develpment in Medical Education Development Center (2003-2006).
  • Previously IT Professional and Instructional Designer at LRC in Kasralainy Faculty Of Medicine


  1. Giza ,Nasr El-Din Buildings , Building 7
  2. Abo Alwafa  Street, Souq Alhesba Squar, Damietta City, Damietta

Telephone No.

  1. Mobile;  ??????????
  2. Damietta;  ??????????
  3. Damietta;   ??????????


dr.asmar@gmail.com, alasmar@kasralainy.edu.eg


    Arabic; mother tongue

    English; fair

    French; needs to be revised as it is not practiced

Additional Information




      Reading in all fields of knowledge especially science and surfing internet. 

As a student

Faculty of medicine;

  • Accumulative Total of the 6 years; Very Good With Honor Kasr Alainy Medical School, Cairo University November 2005

Computer Skills and Programs Used

Web development using;

  • HTML, XHTML, CSS and fair knowledge about JavaScript and XML and its modern modalities.
  • Attedence of  MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer) Course.
  • Coding; Macromedia Dreamweaver®, MS FrontPage®, notepad® and Microsoft Visual Studio®

Multimedia Programs;

      Image Editing and Graphical design; Adobe PhotoShop®.

Document Formatting;

      MS Word®.


      MS PowerPoint.

Working Environments;

      Win 98®, ME®, 2000® and XP®

Latest Attended sessions

In IT field

  • Microsoft MDC "Middle East Developer Conference" (5-8 Feb 2006).
  • Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD - C#.NET)(ITI training center). - (May 2006).
  • e-learning Course in LRC kasr al ainy (by Dr M. Fouad. E Learning expert in TEMPUS Projects). (June to August 2006) "40 hours".
  • E-Learning Content Development Course in LRC training and certification by IBM® Egypt - (November 2006).
  • Mastering Content Producer Course in LRC training and certification by IBM® Egypt - (December 2006).
  • 5th international conference on e-learning Applications in AUC (American University in Cairo) (January 2007).

 In medicine

  • Prof. Dr. Hossam Moafy lectures in Internal Medicine (2004-2005).
  • Prof. Dr. Hussien Khairy's lectures in General Surgery (2004-2006).
  • Basic and Advanced Life Support and Basic Surgical Skills Course (10-11 Sept 2006).
  • Introduction to EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) By Prof. Dr. Abdelhamid Atya (Feb 2006).
  • ITI 4th interntional Conference on information and communications technology (information processing in the service of mankind and health) (9&10 December 2006).
  • Primary Health Care Orientation Course for new doctors in Damietta (14 April - 3 May 2007).


Educational material projects;

Contributor of;

  • EBM e-learning course with Prof. Dr. Eman Abdel-Raouf
  • Surgery CD VR models and X-Rays; 90 VR models   completed  Under supervision of Prof.  Amr Mohsen
  • Gynecology Museum CD; VR museum and Instruments; 250 VR models, in the Debugging phase   Under supervision of Prof. Mohamad Almeligui and Prof. Mahmoud Salem       completed
  • Forensic Museum;  80 VR models 


  • Organ Transplantation (Under Supervision Of Prof. Dr. Hussein Khairy)
  • MRIPhysics onThursday 30/3/06 (Under Supervision Of Prof. Dr. Hussein Khairy)
  • Basic Computer Skills And Using of Microsoft Word® in Document Formating And Microsoft Power® Point in Presntations and Presentation Skills Course (A Course Delivered to House Officers In 4 Hours).


Contributor of;





  • e-Content Award  Special mention for Kasr Alainy website e-Learning content.
  • 1st Best Educational CD and educational material submitted by students to Cairo University Science Club, for Gynaecology CD
  • 2nd Best Educational CD and educational material in the same competition, for Parasitology CD, also my team had the 4th and 5th grades in the same competition.

2005 Awards;

Other Awards And Certeficates Click Here