Dr. A. Ramalingam's Profile

Dr. A. Ramalingam B. I. M. who comes from a traditional Siddha practicing family of one of the Pancha maha boota holy places, Thiruvannamalai, finished his 5-year B. I. M. degree (Bachelor in Indian Medicine) in Palayankottai Government Siddha Medical College.

 He had served in the Central Government – Central Research Institute in Siddha (CCRIS) as a Research officer for more than 25 years before he took his voluntary retirement (VRS) in the year 2003. During his tenure he has conducted many researches in the field of Siddha Medicine and was awarded many times for the same.

 Dr. Ramalingam is efficiently running three clinics one in Chennai, no 5 Nathamuni Street, Shenoy nagar, the next in Thiruvannamalai no 32 Peigopuram Street, and the third in Avinasi, Coimbatore main road that are looked after by qualified doctors. He also regularly, in specified dates, visits these clinics and stays there for some days and treats patients.

His wife Dr. R. Meenakshi D. H. M. S. is a qualified doctor in the field of homeopathy. His son Dr. R. Siva Kumar, M.D. (Ayu), M.B.A.(Hosp.Mgmt) is also a qualified doctor in the field of Ayurveda. They both help him in all his efforts.

Dr. Ramalingam’s continuous research and discoveries in cancer treatment proved boon to many people, who were suffering from cancer not only in India but also abroad. As he became popular in cancer treatment he was invited by the people of Switzerland hence he periodically visits Switzerland, Germany, Austria, treats patients there, and spreads uniqueness of Indian medicine there.

 Heeding to the invitations from the people of Malaysia, Singapore he occasionally visits these countries too. During his visits, he not only stops with the treatment but also gives lectures, takes medical classes to impart the importance of Siddha to those people.

 He has also involved himself with the voluntary help organization “The Lions Club” and takes part in its humanitarian ventures. He served as the Secretary, President, and District Chairman – Siddha and involved himself in many public services. He is now holding the position of Zone Chairman – Siddha and has successfully organized countless blood donation camps, free Siddha camps and seminars in Siddha. Countless people got benefited because of these camps and the effectiveness of Siddha

 His exceptional service even attracted the media. His writings were published by leading newspapers and magazines. His interviews were telecasted live in the radio and television. His speech about herbs weekly under the topic “Bhumiku Vealiyea oru Pudhaiyal” broadcasted in All India Radio for many years gained him name and fame.

 Later with the same name a wonderful book was published in the year 2007, which gained name and fame for our doctor and 500 copies were sold out on the very same day of the function. Later 2 reprints were done and till date over 5000 books have been sold. The book explains each and every individual herbal of siddha, in doctor’s own experience along with all the medical details.

 Due to his keen interest in the medicinal preparations and his popularity, his beloveds made him to compete for the post of President for South India’s biggest Siddha, Ayurveda, Unani manufacturing co-operative pharmacy “IMPCOPS”, (Indian Medical Practitioners Co-operative Pharmacy & Stores Ltd.). and he was unanimously selected as the Director and President of an institution which has over 14000 members (who are practitioners of siddha, Ayurveda and Unani medical systems across the country), which shows his popularity among his peers. After being elected as President he has done many revolutionary changes in the production and marketing of the products of the company and will do the same for the next 5 years.

Some of his achievements in this tenure, now almost completing 2 ½ years are:

·           Increasing the production from 3 lakh kg in 2007 with 288 employees to 3.3 lakh kg in 2009 with 258 employees.

·           Increasing the turnover from 12 crores in 2007 to 17 crores in 2009 inspite of daily maintenance powercuts.

·           Giving dividend of totally about Rs five lakhs to the members after about 12 years.

·           Purchasing about 10 new state of art machineries to maximize the speed of productions and to reduce labour costs and to compensate the works of retired employees.

·           Satisfying the GMP norms by improving the manufacturing standards and acquiring the prestigious GMP certification for the company.

·           Inspite of IMPCOPS being a co operative pharmacy, where there is no compulsion of implementing 6th pay commission norms, considering the benefits to the employees, Implementing the 6th pay commission norms for the employees even in the period of financial scarcity.

·           Implementing the shift basis and 2 shift per day to maximize the production.

·           Reopening of the closed IMPCOPS manufacturing unit in Tadepalli (Vijayawada).

·           Revolutionizing the Labeling and packaging of the products to meet the market demands.

·           Acquiring orders from National Institute of Siddha, Chennai, Government of Andra Pradesh.

·           Acquired funds from central government.

·           Opening of a multi facility canteen in the premises and offering food at subsidiary rates for the employees.

·           Central government Registration and starting of quarterly IMPCOPS newsletter as a bridge between the administration and the members.

·           Introduction of new effective formulations.

·           Conducting General Body Meetings regularly (one each year, 3 finished successfully) which was not held for almost 11 years before he was elected as president.

·           Natural, quality, original honey not being available anywhere in India, President’s steps have yielded in marketing of quality natural honey from IMPCOPS for the public.

 Doctor has taken part in many of the Siddha conferences, seminars not only in Tamil Nadu but also in other states and even in other countries. During his participation he has also submitted many research papers.

             Many schools, colleges, lions clubs, rotary clubs, welfare associations are continuously requesting doctor to give speeches about Siddha and are utilizing his services and gaining good knowledge about Siddha system, the health and about the diseases.

 Doctor’s Vision is a Multispecialty Hospital with all facilities under one roof. With Gods grace that is soon going to come to light.